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National Association for Gun rights

I got this email this morning from Dudley Brown from the National Association for Gun Rights, and they are trying to get all the candidate to make plain their position on gun rights as they work hard on this one particular issue, and they're asking for money to help. So I go out to their site, and this is what I find: http://nagr.org/GunRightsCharge.aspx?pid=3a
So I fired them off an email and here's what I said:

So I followed your link and if you guys are so gung-ho about gun rights, why is it that on your front page you have pictures of every Republican candidate EXCEPT for the one who in more than 30 years in the House of Representatives has NEVER voted to restrict gun rights, Ron Paul, and who is BY FAR the biggest advocate of gun rights in Washington and has been for decades? Maybe if you guys would just man up and support the one guy who would honestly go to bat for us not only on this issue, but many other issues of freedom and liberty, I'd consider contributing.

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I'm not sure why my first comment did not show up, but here is the gist of what I said:

We have stood by Dr. Paul, the most recent example was earlier this month: http://www.nationalgunrights.org/stand-with-ron-paul-end-cri...

And I will link our Presidential Survey results again, to reiterate the fact that we have consistently reported his results to our survey: http://www.nationalgunrights.org/potus2012/

Please feel free to email me with any further questions.

Greg Drobny
Deputy Political Director
National Association for Gun Rights

Let me

offer my apologies for wrongly accusing you. I'm sorry. I must had you mixed up with the NRA. *g*

Ron Paul is on there

You need to go to the home page of the site. It also shows who returned the questionaire here http://www.nationalgunrights.org/potus2012/

Paul's is of course 100 % pro-gun, but so is Herman Cain's and Michelle Bachman's. Rick Santorum is on his second try hahahahah

Good post

Yep. I'd love for Ron Paul to bring this up.

The other candidates wouldn't sound real if they tried to be pro-gun. Romney and Cain would sound fake as hell. Perry would come off like Yosemity Sam, Bachmann couldn't sound real on guns (either that or she'd come off comic like Palin does).

Only Paul (and maybe Gingrich), the wise men, could reasonably talk about guns in the proper context...as a right, as a necessary deterent against foes foreign and domestic including the government, etc.

You see only Paul gets it that the people really don't trust either party. The others constantly pretend that only the left is a threat...and that just isn't true. Thus, only Paul can talk about guns being needed in case the government gets out of line.

they will be getting

another email shortly...that is if I can find their damned contact link!


Feel free to email me directly.

Greg Drobny
Deputy Political Director
National Association for Gun Rights