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Ron Paul on Hannity 10/24

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I think Hannity is somewhat

I think Hannity is somewhat unfairly criticized at times. Do I like the guy? No. Is he totally on our side? No. Has he said bad things about Ron Paul over the years? Yes. But he's far more friendly to Ron Paul than Levin, Medved, O'Reilly, or Rush. I think he sincerely wants non-military spending to be cut, and that's something we can work with people like him on. He is partisan and pro-war, but we should realize that there are certain issues we can work with people like him on, and it's good that Ron gets fairly positive exposure on his show.

Tedious, tedious work everytime Dr. Paul talks to Hannity.

It's like a game of tug-of war. With Hannity on the war side.

Hannity's interviews ALWAYS go the same...

"Congressman I agree with you on domestic economic policies but we disagree on how many Arabs we should continue to kill."

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Headline at Foxnews.com; "Could Ron Paul Play Spoiler in 2012?"

That is the headline Foxnews.com put on this interview:



Ron Paul is much more relaxed and doing much better

The only criticism I have on the first viewing is that he try not to wipe his nose on his hand. He does this frequently in interviews. I'm not sure if it's just a habit or if he actually has a runny nose all the time, but if so he should keep handkerchief in his pocket.

I hope Dr. Paul's butt

I hope Dr. Paul's butt doesn't get chafed from all of the chapstick Hannity put on it.

I am proud to be supporting Dr. Paul for president

He did great in this interview.

Hannity is pretty thin skinned and two-faced to boot.

It's OK for him to repeatedly call Ron Paul "nuts," but it is OK for him to bitch about "No Child Left Behind" and "Medicare Prescription Drug," but not lift a finger to help promote a challenger to Bush in 2004.

Indeed Hannity is

And, while I can't confirm it, it sure does sound a lot like is laughing back in 2008 when Carl Cameron asked to question to Ron Paul about electibility.

I wonder if he laughs like that when his own children are getting picked on.

New name for ..

Sean "egg on his face" Hannity

Trying to say he's a conservative but never backing cuts :P

Patent Pending Magnetic Pen Holder!

Any Hannity followers here?

Any Hannity followers here? I find it hard to believe Hannity spoke out against TARP1 under Bush or the Prescription Drug bill or No Child Left Behind. Anyone here know for certain?

I do remember the bush years with Hannity

He was very outspoken about TARP, and I remember him saying he was not happy with Bush's social programs. But what I remember was it was a lot like now, where he spends 2:50 blaming everything on the D's and 0:10 on where R's are dropping the ball.
He has always been Pro-war. I remember late 2002 early 2003 buying the lines being sold about Iraq and he was one of the voices I listened to.

Not sure

But I'll bet he didn't call bush a communist or even socialist without prescription drug or no child left behind.

Middle East Countries

"...I would like to mention that all of the nations attacked so far have been Muslim states situated on the 33rd. Parallel North."


Lots of events have taken place on the 33rd parallel...

very symbolic number for the Masons.
See: http://www.youtube.com/user/mhfm1#p/a/f/2/dR4S5vexEyQ
and skip to 33:58 if you don't want to watch the whole video.

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
Friedrich Nietzsche

I had to turn it off. I

I had to turn it off. I can't watch Hannity anymore. What a jerk. RP was being nice to him. At least some of these MSM guys sense that the wind is changing direction.

Hannity did this very same thing to him the last time he interviewed him (was it last week?).

Sorry to say

Many posters here are again fooled by the propaganda MSM.

This interview did us no good.

We are helping Hannity to co-opt our movement.

They did it to the Tea Party very successfully. Remember?

They are trying to do it to the OWS.

Glen Beck did it to the conspiracy movement.

They do it all the time, every time. Don't you see it?

All MSM is owned by the people who want to enslave us with their banking system and big governments and the propaganda media to prop it all up. Please people, wake up now, if we don't see this then who will?

Oh Lars, that may be true, but you sound a bit Jadded today

Are you losing faith? If we lose faith God will not grant us victory. Pray for yourself, for us and for Ron Paul because God knows what we want before we ask. He is just looking for the faithful, someone he can use voluntarily to achieve the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Even if Ron Paul is destined to lose, we win with our ideas, ideas whose time has come and the conspiracy know it. They are dead people and they shall not prosper in the long run.

Lets allow Ron Paul to be interviewed so he can stand as a contrast to what they are, dead from the neck up..

Let us weather to storm, after awhile the storm will pass and we shall be around to clean up the mess afterwards..

Thanks for the encouraging words

No I am not losing faith. I have full faith in God.

I actually do think that one day someone will take a stand and not pander to the MSM and I wonder if that person might be Ron Paul.

I don't know when that day will come or if it will come and I am very happy to leave that up to Ron Paul and God. Just sharing my only human thoughts, that's all.

What are you suggesting?

That Ron Paul not grant MSM interviews?

That's a good question

I believe we must get streetwise. It is not always easy to know what will work best but we need to know the enemy and know what we are up against.

It would probably be wise to grant interviews only to those who are reasonably fair, like Cavuto and others and not grant interviews to those who treat Ron Paul particularly unfairly.

That would make it harder for the unfair ones to maintain their lies, would not grant them traffic and would over time render them the extreme ones and eventually make them irrelevant.

For the revolution to be effective more people need to turn off their TVs and get their information from true and moral sources and this would be a great way to start. Show people that the MSM ought to be irrelevant, thereby helping to one day make it so. You cant fight fire with fire, debt with debt or MSM with MSM.

if you're the type that always get carried away in a friendship

instead of becoming the person that leads the way, then i would fear the way you fear. otherwise i don't see the relevance. positioning hannity as a 'friend' has the same effect of having a barney frank of the right. i guess i have more confidence than you that most intellectual minds here aren't on the level of that of a tea-partier.

Maybe you were not around

When Ron Paul supporters started the Tea Party movement.

It started out being all Ron Paul's ideas, small government, liberty, end the wars etc.

Then MSM introduced Palin and others and they co-opted the movement, "forgot" to mention Ron Paul and then turned it on its head and made it into what it is today.

This is what Hannity is doing to Ron Paul now. Present the ideas as his ideas, get people on board and then turn it around and "forget" to mention Ron Paul.

But of course it is not just Hannity. The elite control all media and they are all doing the same thing in a coordinated effort. Its so sad that we fall for their tricks every time.

They have done this with every important freedom movement in history.

donated 200 bucks when i didn't have a job

i was very much around, thank you. and i believe the strings behind the scene are made of money, not mind controls, so i believe people can still be changed if someone can bond with them on a one-on-one basis. if they want to submit to a king and they want paul to be their king, so be it. doesn't mean the rest of us have to live with an authoritarian mindset. each to his own. not everyone you don't know everything about is automatically evil or a conspiracy.

The strings behind the scenes are made of power

Mind control is their strategy. Money, Media, Governments are some of their tools.

People can be changed as we see every day. The powers that rule the world cannot, they have to be removed - or more precisely they will cease to exists when we stop giving our power to them.

Hannity is almost like the reformed rattler

Please Dr Paul....hssss....hsssss. I like you now and I won't bite you .....I want ratings and your comments hurt me...hssss...hsssss. I believe Dr Paul trusts Hannity as far as he can throw him lol

Don't watch these on YouTube!

First of all, as much as I appreciate someone going through the trouble of Youtubing this I always try to go to the MSM sites to view the interview:


We all should collectively show the goons at Fox, CNN, etc. that Ron Paul interviews bring in large amounts of traffic. It's obvious that the more traffic Dr. Paul brings to Sean Hannity's site the more he is likely to have him on.

I've been frustrated with Sean before but IMHO I think he's the least worst out of all the neo-con talking heads. I think this year he is extending an olive branch to Dr. Paul for two main reasons:

1. He likes Rand.
2. He's not a dummy. Dr. Paul's fans can quickly boost ratings.

I think people forget that guys like Hannity are not intellectual powerhouses. THEY ARE ENTERTAINERS and as such they give the people what they THINK they want. Sean takes his orders from Rupert and if Rupert thinks there's money to be made from the Freedom movement and the Tea Party folks well that's what he's going to give them.

Also, I think Rupert has been testing the waters to see if a libertarian message brings viewers. Do you really think giving The Judge and Stossel shows and making Fox Business a more libertarian channel was an accident??? Of course not.

Rupert might be a globalist pig but he's no dummy. He's dipping his toes in the libertarian waters because he knows no one else will.

Rupert works for people much richer than us.

The Freedom movement is nothing compared to the global elite corporations he caters to. Plus, he is heavily invested in a pro-Israel agenda. Rupert started the Weekly Standard back in the 90's and put neocon Bill Krystol in charge for a REASON. Not too long after that, Krystol and several fellow dual Israeli-US citizens cobbled together the Project for the New American Century, which IS our foreign policy today.