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Ron Paul will be on Hannity TV Show tonight Monday 10/24/11 @ 9 PM Eastern

Could @RonPaul play spoiler in one of the early voting states? He talks 2012 tonight on @hannityshow! 9 p.m. ET @FoxNews



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Could it be that

Sarah Palin has this much pull in the GOP? She completely caught hannity off guard the other night. Palin is one to shake things up, she was treated nasty by the MSM, she definately see's how paul is being treated. I think it would be awesome for her to endorse him. What does she care? If she endorsed paul sec of energy would be locked up by her. I say go for it Palin. You have nothing to lose.

Could RP play spoiler? F this

Could RP play spoiler? F this guy. Stay away from the main Fox News propagandists, Ron.

I just posted about this

I just posted about this rumor. Has it been confirmed?