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October 2011 Townhall.com Straw Poll - Help Dr. Paul WIN Again! (Vote before the end of the month)

Help us make sure Ron Paul wins the Townhall.com Straw Poll for October 2011. Cast your straw poll vote at:


It's extremely easy to do. On the page I linked above:
1. Click the "Pick Me!" text button below Ron Paul's photo, then
2. Enter in the random anti-bot text (refresh it if you can't see it)
3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, enter your email address + zip code
4. Click submit

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Just a few seconds of your time will help Ron Paul win another influential straw poll.


*Bump if you like this idea, click the "+" to vote it up on the DP.*

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I'll be pretty disappointed

I'll be pretty disappointed if Ron Paul doesn't win the TH straw poll this time around. Keep the votes coming in.




Yes, I voted and the results

Yes, I voted and the results will be e-mailed out at the end of the month...

Herman Cain won the poll last

Herman Cain won the poll last month. Let's hope this month RP reclaims the #1 spot. Well, we already know that RP is #1... :-)


Has anyone else voted in the

Has anyone else voted in the poll?



But it would be nice if we could see results.

I agree. They should show

I agree. They should show results in real-time. Since they don't we really need to keep up the pace... keep RP supporters voting in that poll. My impression is that the Townhall polls are a bit more influential than many of the polls we are active in here.