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Understanding, Credibility and Paranoia

When making an accusation, please don't just go with your gut. Your guts have shit for brains.

We in the liberty movement are trying to bring about a monumental shift in the way people think and act. As a result, we are belittled, attacked, and ignored by most with a vested interest in the status quo.

Our ideas are far more subtle and complex than the typical propaganda message. For someone to come to our side, they must take the time to read and research on their own. Hours, days, weeks... each person will be different. I'd say it took me from late 2004 to early 2006 to stand on a somewhat solid intellectual footing, and I'm still learning. The motivation to put in the time must be compelling.

Each time someone outside the movement hears a supporter promote something which the outsider knows to be false, it hurts us. I'm not talking about saying something that goes against their beliefs. I'm talking about saying something that is demonstrably false.

We all know that the media doesn't give us a fair shake. Why would they? We are an existential threat to them. That said, hardly a day passes without someone starting a thread here making accusations which, to a knowledgeable observer, are outright wrong. I then see these accusations repeated in comment sections all over the Internet. This hurts our credibility.

Before you make an accusation, do your research. Often you'll find a logical, benign cause.

Below I've listed three false accusations I've seen recently. Please add your own in the comments.


The media is not pixelating Dr. Paul's face. That's poor digital video compression technology.

Most YouTube accounts can only post 15 min videos, so if a video cuts off at 15:01, its not a conspiracy against us.

To prevent manipulation, video view counts are throttled during the first few hours.

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I understand your point, and

I understand your point, and normally wouldn't have mentioned this. I have seen plenty of youtube clips in my lifetime but the video distortion in this interview just seemed so extreme that I thought I would ask if others had noticed this as well.