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Is This What Ron Paul Means by Property Rights

Property rights : In 1933, they took away our constitutional right to own ALLODIAL TITLE to property which cannot be taken away without compensation and due process, by forcing all people into Federal 14th amendment citizenship, which robbed us all of constitutional freedom and protection, and replaced it with privileges and benefits, which was a sham. We lost the right to own property, and they gave us only the right to use it, and pay taxes and fees on it, which when we fail to pay their tax or fee, they simply take our cars, goods, and land, without compensation and without any due process, since as 14th amendment citizens, we dont own anything, and the Federal government, via the Federal Reserve owns everything, and we, the people are share cropper's, renting the right to use all we process.

YOU all know... TODAY.. if you own a million dollar house, but fail to pay 50,000 in taxes, the IRS or the State or other agency will take your million dollar home, and you get nothing. why???

Because legally, you never owned it, they did, the creditors to our nation, the Federal Reserve.
As our nation has operated in bankruptcy since 1933, and when you operate in bankruptcy, you dont own your assets(property), as they are colateral, and if... if.. you make your agreed payments on time, then you can continue to keep and use your colateral property... BUT... if you fail to make your payments, the CREDITOR, can take your property, which was designated as colateral. And since everything we buy is bought with fake fiat (bankruptcy) Dollars, all our bought property, is then made part of that collateral.


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Property is an interesting

Property is an interesting concept. After all, what is property? If you find a plot of land, and decide it is yours, does that make it yours?

The US government stole a lot of land from the Native Americans. Does that make it your land? Or is it their land?

The liberal idea of property being a concept of the state has some merit. You can claim something as your property only as much as others recognize your right to that property. It is society that sets the rules of property ownership. Government executes those rules, and moreover defenders everyone property with a common defense (both locally and at the national level).

That is the logic being property taxes...and the logic that property ownership, outside of ownership of one's own body, isn't a "natural right".

The other point, is that the vast majority of people in this country have purchased property with the full knowledge that certain taxes and levies are put on it. If you didn't want to pay those fees, don't buy the property.

In any case, the initial post is ridiculizing the laws of the land, and the way property ownership works in this country. Land ownership, and property ownership, does exist. With that ownership comes a lot of rights. Yes, there are some restrictions, and taxes, and fees, but to theorize that the federal reserve is licking its lips, ready to take your home, is a fantasy.

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