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Nevada & More "Call for Paul & Volunteer" Please Support

Please volunteer at the office or at the bottom is a place to volunteer from home. We need to be fully organized to get Ron Paul in the Whitehouse and then we need to be organized afterward to help him do all we need him to. Please share this post with other supporters! Thank you for your continued support of Ron and Carol Paul. Volunteer, donate, call, change to Republican Party, and pray.

The Reno office is located at:
1201 Terminal Way
on the SW corner of Terminal & Vassar
Suite #224 (upstairs)

The office phone number is:
(775) 538-2780

The hours will usually be:
Mon. - Fri., 12pm - 8pm
Sat., 12pm - 4pm

Ron Paul Campaign HQ Las Vegas Office

The campaign needs us! Come into the office at least once per week, if not more, for at least one hour, if not several! Snacks and drinks are provided, we are working on a weekly gas card giveaway and pizza nights, too!
19 S. Stephanie St. Suite 110, Henderson, NV
M-F 12-9 and Saturday 12-5

Volunteer from home http://phone.ronpaul2012.com/v/faq.php. For any other questions, please call Volunteer HQ at (703) 398-1316.

One Hour For Liberty: http://ronpaulnevada.wufoo.com/forms/one-hour-for-liberty/

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It's time to bite the bullet,

It's time to bite the bullet, and pick up that darn phone! You know how we always like comment [ smugly] that America will get the leadership it deserves, well, I have news for most of you- WE TOO ARE GOING TO GET WHAT WE DESERVE without doubt, if we don't get off our arses and WORK at WINNING!

Don't forget to call always, but the December 7th

flier bomb!! Call, email and brochures for Paul 12-7-2011


We need to reach as many americans as possible for the caucuses, we only have 51 days left for Iowa. Come on guys. Call for Paul.

Can someone please post this info on their facebook or twitter

about it. I have no idea how that all works. Please help. thanks.

Here's an article about the Nevada Day Parade


When we first talked about entering the parade, & I heard we were limited to 50 people in our entry, I thought, "Well, we'll have a 100 EASY, & we'll just have to bend the rules a little!" Since that decision was made almost 2 months ago, word went out to join the march. We also planned a picnic in a park afterwards. You all know how much I posted on here about the parade, & we also had a lot of meet up posts. So, Saturday, I think we ended up with about 37 people in the parade :0( It was still 3 times as many as Romboid, but WTF?

This was a parade in a city that's central to a HUGE population of Ron Paul supporters. WHERE WERE YOU??????????
It's not like this was digging a ditch or knocking on doors in freezing weather!! This was having a GREAT time, and taking a walk maybe a couple miles long, in fantastic weather. Heck, you could have ridden in the back of our truck if you wanted.

So, I have to say, SHAME ON YOU for not showing up, and
WAY TO GO to the people who did. Wayne, Robert, Jessica, Jennifer, Mila, Elton and others put a lot of time into preparing for this, & Elton got Steve Dore to come & entertain at the park. There should have been hundreds of people there, but there weren't. If this is any indication of the way things are going to happen in northern Nevada, I'm ready to weep.......

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must do this!!

It is easy and must be done

stats show that more people will vote for Ron Paul if we contact them.

BUT from what I heard is you made Romney and Obamas Entry

look as if they were amatuers!! Way to go!!

I've been making calls to NH for 3 weeks now...

And all I gotta say is that it's looking ugly for Bachman and Perry. Neither has garnered a single vote for either 1st or 2nd choice! Ouch!

How is your calling going

It is great to help identify those people for the campaign, Most of them are weak supporters and we will be doing mass mailing to those people soon about their issues and shy they should support Ron Paul.

Plus from December 7th to the 10th we are having a mass amount of people calling, canvassing, and emailing for Dr. Paul. Keep it up. Thank you.

I started posting my stats...

You can check them out here:


There just hasn't been much enthusiasm for PFH on the dailypaul. anyways, my username there is paulbot.


ps. I dunno about everyone else here on the DP, but I'm in it to win it.

I called from the campaign yesterday

If I found a weak supporter, which most were I sent them out a packet in the mail inviting them to the headquarters, and putting in slim-jims, etc....

I had a great time there.

I totally agree, thanks for the info.

We need to because he asked us to and I agree.


Thank you and thank you

From one patriot to another, Ron said on Fox that he must do well in these first states and he could take this. Can you please post the way to volunteer for NH on here. Thank you!!!

During the week, I knocked

During the week, I knocked out about 2 hours making calls.

28 Voicemails
28 Unavailable
only 1 poll completed : (

It was an average strength Cain vote; however, his 2nd choice was Ron Paul. When I made my concluding statement...'thanks for your time; this poll was brought to you by RP 2012 dot com.' He immediately interjected. He said Ron Paul is RIGHT on all the issues and everyone knows it. Then he wanted me to relay to the campaign that Ron Paul is too serious and if he was funnier like Herman Cain then RP would be his 1st choice! He told me to pass on that, RP needs to just relax during the debates and enjoy the ride; not to be too serious. Though he may have a point, I'm thinking how can you cast your vote on that criteria! ugh... I further informed him that Cain was a former Fed Reserve Chairman. He was shocked; he didn't know that. I think the campaign will easily win him over in the near future. I felt like I left an impression on him. A pleasant individual; that one phone call made it all worthwhile.

I still haven't been able to hit that 6pm-9pm sweet spot. Love to see numbers from anyone who has been able to call during that time.

We need to hear about 1,000,000 more calls that

people are making. Are you at a headquarters or calling form home. Can you post to othershow they can help out in your state here? We are moving in the right direction. We now have the leader of the native Americans supporting Ron Paul, huge stuff is happening we on the ground floor need to keep it up! Thank you and thank you!!

Agreed, we need many more people calling from home!

I'm at home making calls. You don't need to be at campaign headquarters. If it's a Saturday and you have wifi in your home, call over your friends. Have everyone bust out their laptops and cell phones and call away! Make it fun.

With the one post I posted I put the hour a day calling site

It is on the nevada call from home site, I dont know maybe I am answering you on this. Totally agree. We are winning!

Anything a person can conceive and believe they can acheive. I see Ron Paul with 54% in IOWA, yes IOWA he is taking IOWA in 60+ days. Ron Paul 2012 and beyond.

You guys and gals in Reno

You guys and gals in Reno Rock! I wish I could be there in body.Will be in spirit.

They do don't they!!

I hope they make double the showing from last time.

Come march in the Nevada Day Parade

this Saturday for Ron Paul.

Send an e-mail to nvrp2012-list@meetup.com

for info.

Great Idea!!

Nevada is an early state, we need to have a good showing there.

how come we aren't seeing these messages

for IA, NH, LA, MI and other states with campaign offices?

come on, activists in those states!

Contest start today, donate 1 hour of time.

I will have to look up that info and get it posted, however, the lower portionis for calling everywhere for the Paul campaign. We need to be checking in with the dailypaul, but calling at least 1/2 hour per day for Ron Paul. Is anyone committed to that, sign up above if you are not in Nevada. Contest starts today.

Adding important information to win this early state caucus

Nevada was admitted to the Union on Oct. 31, 1865, and every year there is a HUGE Nevada Day Parade in Carson City. This year, the parade is this Saturday & we have a Ron Paul entry in it. We need EVERYONE who is able, to march in this parade wearing their Ron Paul shirts & carrying Ron Paul signs. Steve Dore is coming & will be on a float singing his Ron Paul songs:

After the parade, there will be a picnic at Fuji Park where Steve will continue to entertain.

Romney is also having an entry in the parade, & we just HAVE TO HAVE a BIGGER, COOLER ENTRY!!!!

To sign-up, or get more info, shoot an e-mail to this address:

Nevada Day is always a lot of FUN! The parade is awesome, usually 3 hrs long, and there are a myriad of great contests, exhibits and bar crawls. The weather is going to be perfect, and Carson City is beautiful with all the fall color & Victorian homes decorated for Halloween.

If you're in California, come on over & have a wonderful mini-vacation. The hotels are cheap, or one of us can put you up. If you're from the rurals of Nevada, the same goes.
JUST COME and march for Ron Paul in the parade!!!

Just thought I would

add a post to get more folks to see this. Nevada is just one of the early caucus states, but it the first one in the Western part of the U.S. I find it pretty important. Ron Paul won the California Straw Poll and I think that if Nevada has a good showing then he may do well in the surrounding states as well.

What does the automated message say?

What does the automated message say?

I've been making tons of phone calls. When someone isn't home and the answering machine picks up, I click on "voice mail". Then when the answering machine beeps, I click on "leave message".

I'm just really curious as to what is the automated message? Also, has anyone figured out what is the ideal time people answer the phone? I get tons of answering machines.

I do not know the answer to that.

Hopefully I will find out soon and if I do I can post it here. Thanks for your support of Ron Paul from one Patriot to another!!


for boots on the ground activism.

This is the stuff that matters.