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25 votes per precinct would win Iowa caucuses

The highest raw vote total in the history of the GOP caucuses in Iowa - 40,954 - was recorded in 2008 by Huckabee. The average winning vote total for the five caucuses since 1980 ('80, '88, '96, '00 and '08) was 35,150.

Iowa has 1784 caucus precincts. If Ron Paul can get an average of just 25 votes per precinct, he'll get 44,600 total votes - almost 9 percent higher than Huckabee's all-time high total.

What can we do to achieve that goal of 25 voters per caucus precinct in Iowa?

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here are the links to help

Volunteer from home http://phone.ronpaul2012.com/v/faq.php. For any other questions, please call Volunteer HQ at (703) 398-1316.

One Hour For Liberty: http://ronpaulnevada.wufoo.com/forms/one-hour-for-liberty/

Just go to "Nevada and more Call for Paul" post and

find out how to get on the list to help from home. We need to be organised and help get the ron Paul supporters to the caucus. Please go there and find out how to donate one hour per week.