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RP on Hannity's TV show tonight?

If I'm not mistaken, I just heard Hannity say that Ron Paul would be one of his guests on TV tonight. Can anyone confirm this?

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Preview of Interview

Hannity, "Texas congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul is now with us. Good evening congressmam."

Paul, "Good evening."

Hannity, "You know you have a very excited base. Do you feel you can win New Hampshire?"

Paul, "Yes, our grassroots amazes me all of the time. I like our chances in New Hampshire and the message of Liberty is resonating with the people."

Hannity, "Let's go to a clip of your supporters throwing snowballs at me. Have you found out these guys names yet?"

Paul, "chuckle."

Hannity, "You just raised quite a bit of of money stating there is a media blackout of your campaign, but after past debates you have ducked my show. Why is that?"

Paul, "Well I had a rally to attend with hundreds of excited supporters and maybe I had some important things to do. I am here now!"

Hannity, "Well your son Rand is a friend of our show and I have had him on many times."

Paul, "Like all children, my son doesn't always listen to his daddy."

Hannity, "That's all the time we have with you. You are welcome back on anytime."

Paul, "ah...eh..okay.."

Hannity, "Stay tuned to more Fair and Balanced coverage!"

I hope RP will maximize this

I hope RP will maximize this opportunity. Hannity has a really large audience and there's no doubt that a lot of them will vote in the Republican primaries. Go Dr. Paul!


Hannity has repeated it over and over on his radio show. Paul will be on tonight.

On Fix News The Five stupids

On Fix News The Five stupids today mentioned every candidate running in the GOP to maybe win Iowa except you know who…..what a bunch of babbling idiots these people are!


Yeah he's gonna be on!

"Monday on 'Hannity'
Could Ron Paul play spoiler in one of the early voting states? He's here to talk 2012!"