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The Problem to the Solution & Strategic Persuasion

Are we are presenting a solution before they realize there is a problem?

Preparing people for Ron Paul & What we can learn from how I became a supporter:

As soon as I heard of Ron Paul back in 2007, I jumped on board immediately and here’s why: I already had years’ worth or awareness and frustration with the direction the nation was headed and why it is unsustainable. I already understood the Federal Reserve as a private corporation; I was already stressed about the federal government overstepping its boundaries; I already appreciated the positive power of Free Markets. So when someone first told me there was a candidate who wanted to fix all of that, I was ecstatic!

But the majority of voters do not have that background. They don’t know. They don’t care. They don’t want Ron Paul because they don’t understand the issues. They don’t want him to fix things because they don’t realize what’s broken.

We would do well to share with people videos and articles that teach the issues, laying a foundation of political awareness. If we share with people more videos explaining the Fed, inflation, taxation, debt, restrictions on free markets, our loss of liberties, etc. they will realize Ron Paul is the only reasonable option.

Here are a few links I’m thinking of. Please share some suggestions in the comments.

I, Pencil – Illustrated version of a classic essay

EconFree- Difference between poor countries and prosperous countries.

The American Dream ( A little extreme and at some points less than appropriate, but easy to watch)

Money as Debt (When I post it, I usually label the link “What is money?”

Money as Debt II

End of Liberty

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Federal Reserve

Judge Napolitano explains the Federal Reserve

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Are you a precinct leader/delegate?

Intimidating as it might sound, it's really not that much. Trust me! The rules are different depending on where you live and it's really not much work. None of us are groomed from childhood to think that when we grow up we want to be a delate or precinct leader but here I am and you can be too. Believe it or not, it's quite an awesome feeling, especially the closer you get to election season.