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Ron Paul - President or Kingmaker?

This is a letter for Republicans across the United States.

I have a news flash for you.

If Ron Paul does not get elected as the 2012 Republican representative against incumbent Barack Obama..........the Republicans cannot win in 2012.

This is the age of Ron Paul and I want to be very clear as to why.

- This will be his last congressional term.
- The Tea Party and criticism of the FED began with his efforts.
- The country really is ready for something diffrent. A peaceful foreign policy and stable currency is something that most people will get behind "if" they hear his message.
- He is going for it all. This is his last run in politics.

The last statement is the key to this.

If the Republicans do not elect Ron Paul as the primary challenger to Barack Obama they face a huge issue.

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I completely agree...Give us Ron Paul...

...or we'll give you Obama.

THIS is the choice for the republican party and the RNC.

I WILL NOT vote for any candidate other than RON PAUL - even if I have to write him in all the way to November 2012.

And I firmly believe that Ron Paul IS the only republican who can beat Obama.

THEY NEED US to win - but most of us WILL NOT vote for whoever else they shove down our throats.

SO...I think he will run 3rd Party (The Libertarians will welcome him with open arms) and this will seal the deal.

Of course as a viable 3rd party candidate he COULD even win.

So it's either president or kingmaker - it's the republican's choice.

Here is a sad reality though - A large percentage of republicans (the war-lovers) would actually rather keep Obama than have Ron Paul win.

Rush Limbaugh said exactly this himself - that every republican candidate except John Huntsman and Ron Paul would make a better president than Obama!

Frickin' sad-sad-sad.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul