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How Dr Paul could corner Hanity tonight

Hanity always says to Ron Paul that he agrees with everything Dr Paul says except the foreigner policy. Dr Paul should tell him if that is the case, there are two issue here.

1. Unless they cut back on spending the empire will collapse under the financial burden, which will force the issue of foreigner spending. This is something Dr Paul says all the time but there is another argument that i did not hear from him.

2. If foreigner policy is the only thing with which, Hanity can't agree, with Dr Paul, how many things he can't agree with the other candidates. Probably more than just 1 issue. So it makes sense to me to support somebody (Dr Paul) than the rest with whom he would not agree with on many of the other issues.
And the thing is they do not have the voting record of Dr Pauls, so even if they would say something that he would agree with them it is meaningless.

We should use these argument with others too, as i think these are arguments that no-one can dispute.

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