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This is what the 2012 debates will be.if we can convince the GOP base.

None of us can afford 4 more years of Obama. Even those who rallied so passionately for "change" are beginning to see that.

We can't simply assume he can be beaten by anyone. He has charisma to spare, but no substance. We can't beat him with charisma, but the truth will set us free.

Imagine for a moment, a debate between Mr. Obama and Dr. Ron Paul.

On medicine:

Obama - "The problem with medicine in America is not enough government involvement. We want to make it a right for every American to get medical treatment whenever they feel necessary."

Paul - "Being a OB/GYN, I have seen first hand the problem with medicine. There are too many people drawing a paycheck between a doctor and a patient. Now he thinks that adding a whole federal bureaucracy to the mix will make costs go down?"

On foreign policy:

Obama - "We need to stand with people around the world and help them in their struggle against terror/oppression/evil/etc. It is our job to fire missles from remote control airplanes to rid the world of evildoers."

Paul - "Perhaps we should learn the lessons that intervention has taught us, that we should learn to mind our own business and stop meddling in the affairs of other countries. We can't afford to be an empire any longer."

On the economy:

Obama - "We need more stimulus to develop green jobs and compete with the rest of the world. We need more federal jobs to fill the unemployment. We need to figure out a way for someone to pay more taxes, or we'll just have to keep printing money that we need...it's as simple as that."

Paul - "We need to cut government, over a trillion dollars in the next year. We are in a big hole, and common sense says that the first thing you do is to stop digging. We need to work on eliminating the income tax. We need to restore sane monetary policy to this country, and remove the massive burden our country puts on everyone trying to make a living."

On drug policy :

Obama - "I said that I wouldn't be prosecuting sick patients, which was true. What I didn't say is that I would respect the property rights of those who supply sick patients with their medicine, because we're going to seize their stores. I also think it's genius to use our DEA to fight a multi front war with drug gangs operating a few miles outside of our pourous border, while simutaneously artificially inflating the prices of drugs in the US to increase the profits of the gangs we're fighting against."

Paul - "Why are we spending all of this money? How much trouble, how much money, how many lives have been lost to keep drugs out of our citizens' hands? Not only is it foolish to spend all of this effort, but how badly do we have to lose before we know a war is unwinnable? We are incapable of keeping drugs out of maximum security federal prisons, how would we expect to keep them out of the country? How many more serious crimes could be prevented if the police weren't spending their careers chasing nickel and dime drug peddlers?"

Barack Obama is teed up for a monumental defeat. He has alienated his anti-war base. He gave California the finger with his property grab fiasco. The economy is bad, and it may be worse. We can't afford a simple flat tax fix without understanding that our government is simply too big.

Any candidate that thinks we can keep digging to get out of this hole we're in is missing the picture as much as Obama.