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Need Help - New Ad Campaign targeting women

On Chat today we were brainstorming on how to target women.

Ron Paul has previously achieved a stat tie for 1st among men.

Also he has achieved a stat tie for 1st among 18 to 39 year olds.

The ad campaign we are proposing would target women 40 and older.

Here's the idea. Acknowledge the woman as the leader of america by way of their role as family leader.

Such as "Who runs America?" "You do" and the image of a woman.

"Ron Paul will empower the US at the family level. Eliminate income taxes. Preserve the spending power of your money, for groceries, transportation, housing, so you can take care of YOUR family"

women are the leaders..
no taxes on tips.. for waitresses..
no property tax, so you dont have to worry about higher rent
dont have to worry about rising grocery prices... due to inflation
no tax on savings, so you can save money for your children..
get tax breaks for homeschooling
reduced cost of education and medical care because of more competition...

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Please don't!

You want to make an ad to target conservative women, and the buzz words you want to use will alienate more people than you attract. Even "conservative" women do not like being stereotyped or pandered to.
An ad FEATURING women who support Ron Paul giving their own reasons might be a better tactic. But I assure you that as a woman over 40 telling me I am "the leader of America" would probably make me tune anything else you say out, since you clearly don't understand who runs the country...
As a woman who waited tables in my youth and then became the manager of a large medical facility, I do not like the way your ad makes it sound like women can raise a family or be a waitress, although I do understand you were fishing for ideas not saying "This is the plan."

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

I like reedr3v’s commercial idea.

My take on reedr3v’s idea is a bit different.
I’d use a split screen, with the people in that split screen saying the same thing at the same time.

Homeschooling woman / Working woman
Stay at home woman dressed in flannel shirt homeschooling sitting at kitchen table with children, books opened on table, children reading and writing, steam from cooking pot on stove, pine woods outside windows showing remote location, day time.
Office working woman dressed in suit in car dropping children off in front of school, day time.
*The scenery freezes, like a pause in time, except for the main woman character in each split screen.
*Both face the camera at the same time and say: (bullet phrase)
Homeschooling woman turns to nearest child and points to something in the school workbook with positive gesture, child erases something on a page.
Office working woman, waves after children and starts talking on cell phone, looking around for oncoming traffic to get back onto road, intense focused look.

Welfare woman / Homeless woman
Welfare woman holding baby sitting on stoop with children jumping rope on sidewalk in front of her in low income housing projects, night time.
Battered Homeless woman living in car with her small children sleeping, car stuffed with blankets, clothing, packaged food on dash, car parked on curb, night time.
*The scenery freezes, like a pause in time, except for the main woman character in each split screen.
*Both face the camera at the same time and say: (bullet phrase)
Welfare woman ducks lower over baby in arms hearing gun shots close by, quickly stands up, motions to other childrean and runs into doorway with children crying.
Battered Homeless woman rolls up car window, pulls blanket closer to neck and leans head to go to sleep.

Single parent female / Single parent male
Single parent woman comes home from work in fast food uniform, kisses her aging Mom on sofa watching tv and picks up her sleeping child, night time.
Single parent man picks up his children from baby sitter’s house, pays baby sitter at door, porch light on, night time.
*The scenery freezes, like a pause in time, except for the main woman character in each split screen.
*Both face the camera at the same time and say: (bullet phrase)
Single parent woman turns from camera holding sleeping child and walks off to child’s bedroom.
Single parent male bows head to listen to children talking while they walk to car.

Woman helping her elderly parent / Woman caring for her sick child with cancer.
Woman helping elderly parent walk on sidewalk going to a church, day time.
Woman in hospital room, coloring in coloring book on hospital bed with her cancer sick child sitting up in bed coloring, day time.
*The scenery freezes, like a pause in time, except for the main woman character in each split screen.
*Both face the camera at the same time and say: (bullet phrase)
The Woman helping their elderly parent helps parent up a step to the church, nodding hellos to neighbors.
The Woman with the sick child turns her attention back to the sick child who’s coloring, and colors something in the child’s book that makes the child laugh.

Military woman in war / Medical Intern woman in emergency ward.
Military woman dressed in fatigues holding machine gun, sitting with back to low broken stone wall with bombs exploding in background and dust in air, day time.
Medical Intern woman dressed in scrubs and rubber gloves, frantic medical activity happening in emergency room, ambulance sirens in background.
*The scenery freezes, like a pause in time, except for the main woman character in each split screen.
*Both face the camera at the same time and say: (bullet phrase)
Military woman turns away from camera and shoots machine gun over low broken stone wall.
Medical Intern woman turns away from camera and walks off attending to emergency patient wheeled on gurney down hallway with ambulance staff holding wheeling gurney and holding transfusion bag, day time.

Take it a bit further and for each scenario, just after the “bullet phrase” is spoken by split screen people, blink in different race/ethnic women in the same scenario. This allows the breaking of stereo typing, because all women, no matter their ethnicity, have been there, done that, or could be.

Example: The Woman helping her elderly parent. The scenery stays the same, the story is the same, the clothing stays close to the same, but the ethnic faces and bodies of the people in the scene change. The original woman helping her aging parent walking on the sidewalk going to a church, may be white, but in the rapid camera blinking, the woman and aging parent are black, then asian, then latino, and then is the original white woman again.

The hard part is getting the correct “bullet phrase” that impacts the message of the commercial to resonate an emotion remembered by the viewer.

Instead of targeting women in particular, target the

microcosm of the American home. for example,"I want to be able to feed my family raw milk because I believe it is better for them. I want to be able to sell my home made crafts and veggies and preserves for some extra money in hard times without having to fit all the regulations of Walmart (or something like it). I want to be able to drive from my home to where ever without going through a TSA check point on the road. Our family wants to be able to defend itself as we see fit." Add a lot more and then end with the little girl who wrote that report - I believe in RP because he believes in me.

In other words, the every day issues that affect us all. We want access to good food, herbs, suppliments, etc. Yes we are worried about world events, but how about working on the things that matter to many people where they live and eat!


"I'm Dr. Ron Paul. As an OBGYN physician

I was fortunate to deliver over 4,000 babies into the world. Sadly, today every child born in America owes $ (number) in bloated government debt. Out of control federal spending and taxation force most parents to struggle just to try to make ends meet. When our children enter college the average cost is $ (number) per year - they are starting their lives off like debt slaves. Without the prospect of a job when they graduate, many feel they have no other option but to risk their lives in unconstitutional wars we are engaged in all over the world. No American child should be born a debt slave - that is why I'm running for president. Please help me restore government to its constitutional limits, and give our children the future they deserve. With your help and your vote, we can restore America now. Thank you (smile!)"

While he's speaking, you could use photos of Ron in Dr. attire with babies, Ron at bedsides (with happy moms), Ron with women, Ron with soldiers, Ron with college students, Ron with families, And when he says "With your help..." they can pull out to show him sitting with Carol. With "Thank you!" they can pull out to reveal Ron with his whole family (children, grandchildren & great-grandchildren) in his living room. They can all say "Thank you!" again after he does, smiling and jubilant to be supporting their wonderful dad/granddad/great-granddad.

What do ya think?

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"Targeting" women or any particular

group tends to produce clumsy & offensive stereotyping; individuals in any group don't fit into neat appeal categories, but showing diverse individuals with similar concerns is, IMO, a more honest approach, and a rich vein to draw from. All family-oriented people of multi-generations can relate to the heightened problems we face today, such as:
older parents sharing memories of buying a house and raising a family together on one ordinary income;
homeschooling parents and career parents sharing how hard it is today to be home with the kids enough to keep the family close-knit;
single parents talking about the stress of earning enough to support the family;
Welfare parents talking about the trap of low income and limited opportunities;
military families talking about the multifaceted difficulties of deployed parents and children;
homeless parents and kids talking through their fears
Talking over a time chart showing dollar debasement and federal debt spending and pushy bureaucrats taking over the lives of children, destroying family values, and leaving vulnerable kids at the "mercy" of their peers, rise of bullying, conformity pressure, frivolous pursuits, dumbed down education.
these are all "women's" issues that can have wide appeal.

I'd stay away from that angle

It's quite sexist. Groceries (targeting a homemaker), waitress (for the tax-free tips)...I get your point, but your ideas are very sexist and will turn off both men and women alike.

Why can't a man be a server, as in a waiter, bartender...any person who derives his income from tips. Why can't a man be the stay-at-home type? My wife earns nearly twice what I do. If Hell were to break loose, I'd be the one to stay at home.

We have evolved from notions of racism and sexism. Targeting an ad in the campaign would be deadly to go that way. Don't promote it.

I WOULD promote the angle you did start on there..."Who runs America?" "You do" and the image of a woman. But I'd put in people of all races, both men and women, in their work "uniform" such as firemen, policemen, doctors, mechanics, carpenters, nurses, etc. Keep the woman's image in the ad as much as the man's. Have a black policeman, a latin doctor, etc. cover the point that all races, creeds, genders, etc. are what are best served by having Ron Paul as their president.

The people who gave you

The people who gave you "sexist" are the same one who black Ron Paul out. What's wrong with a pregnant woman? What is wrong with the idea that common sense alone tells us it is a man's job to protect two in such a situation. It's not talking down or demeaning it's just life. It's about participation, kindness, devotion, and seeing things through. It's thoughtfulness, caring, acceptance or mortality and subsequently the duty of sacrifice. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Also realize this very few people vote in primaries but those who do are either awake or have recently been awoken and are passionate.

In a nutshell, security. No

In a nutshell, security. No not that filthy fauxnews definition of security but rather home security not to be confused with the ugly mug of homeland security. jobs. Paul must complete his sentences and know how to hit his punchlines. This and that blah blah blah leads to NAILIT! He's got to hammer this home. He's got to shape the picture and it's not a very nice one when socialism threatens the security of the family by forcing them to be tax slave under the rule of obama, romney, cain etc.....Do you want your children to be born a slave or do you want your child to be free?

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Those incomplete sentences are a habit

that surely could easily be addressed. It appears our good Dr. is just so clear in his own mind he overly generously assumes everyone will naturally fill in the blank at the end. Not so I'm afraid. If some sharp staffer can call his attention to this he probably will improve this tendency promptly.

I have observed from several

I have observed from several view-points one of which is that on the non biased and I see Ron Paul as being so trained to not feel welcome on any main stream media program and or debate stage that he skips over his own tongue. I could suggest some things but I'm sure they'd fall on deaf ears. It's all really up to him to slow things down a bit and allow the audience or viewer to ponder. There is a performance to language(I am not claiming any crown glory)that is timeless because that is what we've become accustomed to. Paul has won over many people but now it is his obligation if he truly believes in what he says to win over those without a voice traipsing along in the wilderness of despair. Paul needs to understand HE BELONGS. He needs to be constantly reassured that people like him because of his integrity so few could ever claim to adhere to.

"Do you want your children to

"Do you want your children to be born a slave or do you want your child to be free?"

That is a great line. Especially when it comes to talking about eliminating the Income Tax.

Do you want your children to be indebted slaves to the government, or should you and your children be able to keep the fruits of your labor?

As soon as your child is born, he or she will be in debt to the government as a citizen of the United States, and once they get a job the government is entitled to a portion of their income by default. This is not moral.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Thank you, a lot of people

Thank you,

a lot of people wont understand the notion of "indentured servant" though. That is unless the former notion is compared to their present situation. Paul is a geek and that can be one of his greatest problems. He needs to hit his mark short and sweet. I used to think complexity mattered when conveying a point but if the audience doesn't understand you, you're a dead duck. Subtract some adjectives make things more personal but not for you rather for THEM. If Paul spouts off about his life a lot of people will say so what. Make it personal and paint the picture one does not want to see.

Women primarily care about

Women primarily care about their children, and safety first. They protect their children, and they want to be protected physically and financially.

How does Ron Paul attract women? Focus on their children, and how we ought not be sending them off to fight in undeclared wars. Bring our troops home, to serve and protect America first.

On the issue of money, Ron Paul has a great opportunity to go after Herman Cain's 999 plan for literally taking food off the table of the average American family because food prices will rise.

MONEY is THE big issue for women because it involves both safety and protection for themselves and their children. Women control the purse strings, they are the spenders and money managers....

Women over 40 want their Social Security to be there come time to retire. If we do not CUT government spending, Social Security will no longer exist in the very near future...

Women over 40 should be all over Ron Paul, because he's pro-life, wants to bring their baby's home AND cut the size of the federal government to insure that the Social Security System will remain solvent for at least another 30 years.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

We're Here!

Try showing the faces and experiences of those of us who fit the target profile so others can identify with us.

I'm a 66-year-old great-grandmother who's supported Dr. Paul since 2007 including serving as a precinct captain for the primary and a district and state delegate.

There are thousands more just like me out there. Restore The Republic website is an excellent place to find them.

The appeal of Dr. Paul's ideas, knowledge, experience, and statesmanship transcends both gender and age.

Sarah Palin?

Sarah Palin, despite having a negative ora could probably bring more women votes to Ron Paul.

More endorsement from her and other females would probably help the women vote.


for activism.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Don't Pander

For God's sakes- you wanna make a special ad that appeals to the "little woman". Maybe do it in black 'n white with "her" in a crenelon dress with rubber gloves... scrubbing a toilet.

Good idea for the ROMNEY CAMPAIGN.

That's some Neander-Boy bullshit right there (and I'm a 55 year old man). I'll bet you have a hard time getting a date on Saturday night...

I'm a woman, lol...

I'm 39 and when my daughter was in the Army she almost went to Iraq. I cried for days. I voted for Bush 2x's and his first election I was a huge supporter. I've learned a lot since then. I would say the issue of sending our kids off to endless wars would be in the cards for a successful campaign for sure.

Really, where did that stat come from.

I know several RP supporters who are female. Did they take a poll at the ron paul website?

80-90% of ron paul supporters

80-90% of ron paul supporters and doners are male, this is disproportionate compared to other candidates.
If we can get more female voters, we can double the votes easily:
So, please everyone lets try to contact the campaign and tell about the idea:


Headquarters Phone (Toll-Free): 1-855-886-9779
Headquarters Phone (Local): 1-703-563-6620

or those who are talented in videos could make their own

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If that's true, then who are the women voter's supporting (if

anyone) and why? I think we should try and find that out first or we won't know if we're hitting the right buttons.


The Pro-Live/Pro-Choice is misunderstood

The misunderstanding of giving the States instead of the Federal Government the power in reference to Pro-Life and Pro-Choice is a factor. Women are individual people now...not owned by their fathers, their husbands or the Federal Government anymore. But they are still not treated as an equal in the United States.

Even for all the possible "new jobs" the government is saying it could create...they are construction jobs, and mostly for men. This type of thinking is that men are more valued for taking care of their families than women. Yes, many women are qualified and experienced with construction jobs, but the fact is, men will be hired before a woman. And the men will be paid a higher wage.

Our society in the USA is Patriarchy. Patriarchy is a social system in which the role of the male as the primary authority figure is central to social organization, and where fathers hold authority over women, children, and property. It implies the institutions of male rule and privilege, and entails female subordination.

If you're not convinced of this, go check out a Battered Women's Shelter.