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Washington Post's Chris Cillizza: Republicans Could Nominate Ron Paul And Win

Snip --

One thing that could work against Romney, however, is the mounting evidence of Obama’s political vulnerability heading into 2012.

“Electability is really beatability this year,” Republican pollster John McLaughlin said. “They all want to beat Barack Obama in the election, and right now they think all their major candidates can do that.”

Mark McKinnon, who made ads for Bush’s presidential bids, put it even more succinctly: “If the economy stays the same or gets worse, Republicans could nominate Ron Paul and win.”

Read the whole thing:

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This is an insult !

Take this off the front page ! , clittoris always insults the good Dr. When I saw the headline I did a double take and said no way can't be , sure enough another backhanded insult from this dirty clittoris


why the language insulting women



If I called someone a dick, would it be insulting to men?

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I Disagree

I think this is a credit to Ron Paul's grasp of the economy, and the frustration displayed by OWS, for example. It is not a discredit to Ron Paul that 'even he could win'.

It's true, the economy will be the key issue in 2012. The Obama admin has already started throwing every Keynesian thing they can at it, in the hopes of jump starting the economy. They will try EQ3 in some form or fashion, give debt forgiveness, buy Mortgage Backed Securities, and other wise pump up the economy and inflate stock prices by the printing press, in the name of buying votes.

Ron must be ever diligent to warn, not deny, that in the *near term* his cuts in government spending will indeed appear as harmful to the economy. It will indeed take 2-3 years of austerity for this economy to rebound. Ron should own up to this, and reinforce it in the minds of the people and the press, and not claim, as his predescessors 'I inheried this problem'. It's true he did, but it's disingenious to blame it on others - just let free market, limited government, people (vs. govt) oriented solutions work things out as they inevitably will.

Not to burst anyone's bubble,

Not to burst anyone's bubble, but I think he was insinuating that EVEN that Ron Paul guy would have a chance against Obama. Not exactly a compliment.

yeah, that's how I read it too

Some people here get carried away with their enthusiasm.


1. Great excitement for or interest in a subject or cause. 2. A source or cause of great excitement or interest.

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