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Anyone know the girl Neal Boortz keeps retweeting?

I follow Neal Boortz on twitter. Well normally he has bad things to say about Ron Paul and his supporters. Recently he started retweeting tons of stuff from this lady: @feb_showers16. She is a huge RP supporter, and Neal keeps retweeting her post to his 65,000 follows.

I see a shift in how Ron and his ideas are being discussed by right wing radio host. Like them or not we need to have the support of guys like Rush, Boortz, and Hannity. (R) primary voters buy whatever these guys sell. So to @feb_showers16; keep up the good work.

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The Neocons with a pretty face helps. We are all are loons to them... lol.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
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That's me:-)

Thanks for the props!!

how did you find DP? (as your a new member)

Just wondering!

not sure. A quick search

not sure. A quick search didn't find any obvious connection between the two. Yes, she seems to be a Ron Paul supporters. Here are two profiles:



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