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Getting to know my fellow Paul supporters- who are you?

Hello. I've spent a lot of time here, but don't really know anything about anyone. I just wanted to let you all know who I was and find out who you are too. I want to see if anyone is interested in forming discussion groups centered around specific issues that each of you can best contribute to based on your own experience, and then seeing if we can find a way to create some sort of an online database of counterpoints we can all use when debating a subject with potential supporters we are not as educated in. I am not interested in discussing our own ideas to Americas problems only justifying Dr. Pauls to everyone else. I'd like for each discussion group to research the current system so we can be equipped with the knowledge to dispute it. For example a group of teachers and students could discuss education, research the Dept of Ed and provide insight into why it should be dismantled. RP just can't provide this kind of detail in the time he is given.
Please tell us a little about yourself and one or two things you have noticed people don't understand about Dr. Paul's beliefs. Please hold off on your ideas for solutions to overcoming these misunderstandings since I hope each group can do that.

So with that. My name is Jason Ferrier. I consider myself more of a Democrat than a Republican if I had to pick so I find it easier to discuss Dr. Paul w/ Democrats. I
am in the business of architecture. I have worked for FEMA as a contractor during emergency response and as a contractor for the Army Corp supporting construction of Border Patrol Stations and other facilities. So I have a bit of understanding on the immigration issues and on the necessity or lack there of for FEMA. I care deeply about improving our environment though I am still learning about the concept of free market environmentalism. Two big issues I have noticed among people are fear that an unregulated free market will take away environmental accountability and the idea that its ok to sacrifice some freedoms for the greater good.

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In 2008 a group of free thinking individuals were ostracized by mainstream politics for their principled beliefs in freedom and limited government. These outcasts of the interweb promptley organized themselves and rallied behind Ron Paul with the single purpose of spreading the message of liberty. Today, still resented by the status quo, they survive as intellectual warriors, volunteers, and activists. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them - maybe you can get to know...the Ron Paul team.

- Liberty and Prosperity -

Who Are We? Here's Your Answer.

Youtube.com "Thank you for waking me up"(yeah, "those people") and BRAVE HEARTED info-warriors (http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=3IK_A104_yY)

Who are we? We are a movement of the most informed, motivated & dedicated; We are everyone of those people portrayed, despised and rediculed. Despised for defending liberty!
We are neighbors, children, parents, friends
Change is made by those who show up...

Check out this one too:
Ron Paul Conspiracy. Here is Why. (youtube)

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