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RP on Hannity 10/24

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In The USA the Constitution is the "Supreme" law Of the land !

Not NATO !
Not the U. N.
Nor any other international agreement. When are these talking heads going to realize this ?


Hannity is bluffing

Sean brings in the congressman to extend an olive branch. He knows the real numbers and the writing is on the wall, Paul is on the verge of an explosion. Hannity wants to remain relevant.
The mistake Sean makes is he tries too hard to save face, he attempts to push Paul back. He tries to force Paul to rescind a previous negative statement against himself and Rush.
Hannity, nor Rush, has the political clout to force Paul to "kiss their ring" as so many others so called conservative politicians. Hannity tried to bluff the good Doctor. It was called, Paul would not back down.

Hannity thinks Paul needs him and Rush. They believe they are the GOP kingmakers, and in all fairness they have been just that. The fact is the reason Paul is being courted by Rush and Sean is that the Congressman has proved he does not need them, he has made them irrelevant.
Hannity's attempt to force Paul back was a bluff, a neo c0on trademark. Hannity has no power and he knows it, thats why Paul was invited on.

WTF? What about the snowballs?


"A living Constitution is a dead one" -Ron Paul