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Obama, The UN & NATO Are Surrounding Israel With War - Islam Rising

Islam Is Rising, While Israel Gets Surrounded By War

Tunisia has fallen to an Islamic dictatorship.

Iraq has fallen to an Islamic dictatorship.

Afghanistan has fallen to an Islamic dictatorship.

Pakistan has fallen to an Islamic dictatorship.

Egypt has fallen to an Islamic dictatorship.

Libya has fallen to an Islamic dictatorship.

The Bush family was NEVER a friend to Israel. Grandpa Bush helped fund the Nazis.

Obama was NEVER a friend to Israel either, and his actions prove it.

I liked how Ronny said that these wars are not good for Israel.

Not only is Israel being surrounded by wars, Islamic governments are RISING around Israel.

Iraq no longer has any Christians...they've fled the country. Iraq is in the midst of a civil war, amongst extreme Islamic factions.

Libya has fallen...to Islam. Egypt has fallen to Islamic extremist law too.

Israel is being surrounded by an ISLAMIC enemy being provoked into war by Obama, NATO and the UN.

Is this not obvious?

Obama, NATO and the UN want to destroy Israel by empowering Her Islamic enemies.

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9/11 Israeli Mossad Job

youtube search gives dozens of documents that 911 was a Mossad job.

see a few -
9/11 Israeli Mossad Job (1 of 4) Alan Sabrosky US Military War College

Alex Jones: 9-11 Cover Up Imploding(Mossad Job) Part 1

CNN denies Zionists were behind 9/11. But says over 33% of Americans believe 911 was a MOSSAD job. Well 100 million people in America cant be wrong. The rest of the world agrees.

who cares? israel doesn't

who cares? israel doesn't deserve to exist anyway. maybe all the islamic countries will pull together & take them out & return the land to the rightful owners, the palestinians.

but, i see this different...i think we are fighting all of israel's wars for them. all the countries that we engage in "war" with are countries that don't like Israel. We overthrow their regime & put in "leaders" who support America...which in a round about way means they support Israel.

Zooamerica: That's why Ron is

Zooamerica: That's why Ron is the only candidate that actually cares about Israel! Under a Ron Paul administration, Israel would be given the chance to be fully reliable on its own merit! Your analysis just proves that Ron does care about Israel, he wouldn't mess with the Middle East and its affairs.

Big whoop! I guess Dead Sea bath salts will get pricey, then!

Big whoop! I guess Dead Sea bath salts will get pricey, then!

As a supporter of the revived Ottoman Empire, I urge the return of vilayet Quds to the Grand Turk and Caliph ul-Islam, he who dwells beyond the Sublime Porte.

What can I say? Palestine was a much more uneventful region when it was a dirty Turkish backwater.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

So what?

Israel doesn't register on my "Care-O-Meter".
Things were a lot better when it was Palestine, and I'd be just as happy to see it return to being Palestine.

those countries are majority Muslim

and if they want Islamic law, then so be it. It is not our business.