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Chairman of Progressive Insurance Peter Lewis

This is a heads up regarding Progressive Auto Insurance. You know who they are. They're the ones with the clever television ads featuring the perky brunette actress, Flo, all dressed in white. What you might not know is that the chairman of Progressive is Peter Lewis, one of the largest funders of the left in America .. He's your typical rich spoiled kid who took over the company from his father and apparently feels guilty for his success and now dedicates himself to making It impossible for anyone else to become wealthy.

Between 2001 and 2003, Lewis funneled $15 million to the ACLU, the group most responsible for destroying what's left of America's Judeo-Christian heritage. Indeed, Lewis is himself an ACLU member. One of the ACLU projects he earmarked his funds for was an effort to sue school districts who have drug testing policies. In other words, this idiot wants teachers to be able to use drugs without fear of exposure. I wonder what he would think if all his own employees came to work drugged out every day..

Lewis also gave $12.5 million to MoveOn.org and American Coming Together, two key components of the socialist
left. The former group is perhaps the main group used by the Obama forces to organize their activists; the latter group is a 527 political action group that essentially served as a front for the SEIU union thugs who ran ACORN. His funding for
these groups was conditional on matching contributions from George Soros, the international socialist who finances much of the Obama political network.

It's disturbing that Lewis made a fortune as a result of capitalism But now finances a progressive movement that threatens to destroy The free enterprise system. He reminds me somewhat of Armand Hammer, the former head of Occidental Petroleum who did business with Joseph Stalin and became his good friend, around the same time Stalin was executing businessmen all over the USSR .

What angers me further is the way this company is targeting television shows watched by conservatives such as Fox News. Peter Lewis is making a fortune off of conservative Americans so that he can destroy our country. He's banking on no one finding out who he is. I think it's time we expose this clown.


I was with Progressive for the last 10 years and have cancelled my policy after finding this out.

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For those of you who don't

For those of you who don't believe the drug war should be a top priority "....The unconstitutional checkpoints in Flint are an outgrowth of the wide-spread and increasing use of “asset forfeiture” — seizure of money and other assets supposedly related to drug trafficking — that has become an epidemic in economically devastated Michigan....Local law enforcement agencies are raising millions of dollars by seizing private property suspected in crimes, but often without charges being filed — and sometimes even when authorities admit no offense was committed." http://networkedblogs.com/oMUy1

not voting for any other GOP candidate.

I was with progressive twice.

The first time, I was hit by an uninsured motorist driving a much more expensive car than mine, and Progressive made NO effort to collect damages from the other driver. The second time I was hit by a motorist making an illegal turn, and Progressive settled, charging me with 40% of the accident.

I'd drive uninsured before I'd use Progressive. However, I am with GEICO.

Bob, there isn't any reason

Bob, there isn't any reason to waste additional money trying to collect from an uninsured driver. This is why you pay for uninsured motorists coverage. If there were financial benefits in subrograting, they would have done it. I bet both of your settlements were more than adequate weren't they? Progressive really does value its customers - truth. Good night all :)

not voting for any other GOP candidate.


Reading this kinda made me sick, especially the guy's connection to Soros.
I'm currently with Progressive for car insurance due to the simple fact that they are the cheapest by a long shot (for me anyway). I simply cannot afford to pay the 100+ FRNs more per month the other guys charge. This may change as I turn 25 next year and hopefully my insurance cost will go down, but for now it looks like I'll probably have to stick with this big-government-wanting company..


Facebook Post?

This seems like some sory of gobbely-gook that you would see plastered on Facebook from a Tea-o-con. "Hate this group", "Hate this guy", "Boycott this company", "If we all band together we can destroy this Socialist" ...

I'm not interested in demonizing private citizens (Soros, Koch Brothers, Peter Lewis).

Soros needs to be demonized,

Soros needs to be demonized, He is the same ilk as Kissenger, brzinsky,bush etc. Soros is one of the biggest obstacles to liberty there is.

You still have a chance....

You can still break free of the false left/right paradigm SJ! Your awakening may still be at hand.

Look....I'm with you on the MoveOn thing. I don't use Progressive although I had in the past. But, a possible problem with your "request" is that Peter Lewis is giving his own money to these groups. Are there not stockholders? Is he the only owner? If I boycotted every corporation whose CEO's/Presidents were lefty sympathizers, I don't think there would be many products left. We do live in a corporatist system with subsidies they are maintaining with their actions. It sucks, but that is why they do it.

And, the ACLU being the enemy of fundamentalist Christians is so 80's......and been proven false dozens of times. I have been a member and their overall work is exactly what Ron Paul supporters should be hailing, not refusing based on some old propaganda from Neocons (aka Communists). I was even involved in a case in Detroit that protected the right of a young Christian to worship and religious freedom (he was Catholic, so you probably consider him evil) You don't fool anyone with the whole "Judeo-Christian Heritage" thing - you are paroting fundamentalist born-againers on the radio. What you really mean is "undermining the fundamentalist Christian form of Sharia".

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

way off base

This article is way, way off base.

Indeed, it's so far out there it might as well have been written by a Bircher...and as a Bircher you'd have every right to say such incomprehensible things as Peter Lewis and those who believe as he believes have the right to spout their nonsense.

Peter Lewis is no newcomer to political activities. The fact that you knew nothing about him before recently only indicates your low level of understanding of who influences policies in the U.S.

Moreover, your inclusion of a group like ACLU as "proof" (somehow) of how "far left" Peter Lewis must be is just plain ignorant.

The ACLU was created and exists to serve one very specific purpose: Defend the Bill of Rights. That's it; that's what the organization is all about, that's what they do.

Peter Lewis, as all individuals, has every right to fund whatever he chooses...he has the right to his opinions.

Peter Lewis became very well known nationally by opposing the Drug War. He also became labeled "far left" by IDIOTS who think that opposition to the Drug War is a "far left" position. Same IDIOTS who think the ACLU somehow is "far left".

Ron Paul has worked BOTH to end the Drug War AND has worked with ACLU and been supported by ACLU on so many issues it's impossible even to begin a list here.

This site is to support Ron Paul and the issues he represents.

This article doesn't do that and doesn't belong.

Learn some things before you go spouting off about things you do not even begin to understand.

John wrote, “Peter Lewis, as

John wrote, “Peter Lewis, as all individuals, has every right to fund whatever he chooses.”
Nowhere in SJ’s post did SJ say or imply that that Peter Lewis did not have such right. What SJ advocated was not to fund Peter, which SJ has every right to do and to try to persuade others to do. If Peter Lewis is indeed funding big government, Constitutional ignoring, pro centralized power, or socialist advocacy groups like Moveon, America Coming Together, The Democratic Party, and Traction, then that certainly is valid reason to consider not funding Peter Lewis with your business. Those are all groups advocating positions and power control that are antithetical to the philosophy of liberty, Constitutional limited government and the teachings of Dr. Paul.

John complains about Peter Lewis being labeled “far left,” yet in John’s very comment he hurls labels and insults like “IDIOTS,” or “bircher” insinuating something nefarious about The John Birch Society that John fails to explain. Below, John Slevin addresses fellow DPers with “You are ignorant,” and “I have no idea who or what you are.” That is not a rational discussion, and it is of course hypocritical. Perhaps John would do better to focus a little more critical eye to himself instead of childishly castigating others for exercising their rights to speak out. If you disagree with the content of what is said, try using logic and reasoning skills in a rational manner instead.

As to Peter Lewis’ funding of advocacy against the drug war. Excellent! Good for him. Now if he would only fund advocacy in favor of freedom in other areas instead of against it. Perhaps he can start by funding Dr. Paul’s campaign to the max and then the Revolution Superpac with a few million dollars as well. Single issues tell us little other than a single position. But when someone has a principled philosophy, like the philosophy of liberty, then you really do not even need to ask a position on a single issue because you will know how they will approach and view all issues.

Regarding the ACLU, SJ did not explain his concern at all, but simply asserted a conclusion. ACLU has certainly done many good things, like speaking out against the Patriot Act (although the ACLU wants to “reform” the Patriot Act not get rid of it), litigating in favor of due process protections, and most notably its advocacy in the realm of free speech. It is to be commended for the good things that it does.

The ACLU, however, has also advocated many times against freedom. For instance the ACLU has advocated against school choice, voted against allowing chapters to intervene in the internment of Japanese Americans, against the right of religious groups to use or lease government facilities in the same equal manner as everyone else, in favor of eminent domain, against property rights, in favor of minimum wage laws, in favor of the ADA, in favor of government funding (i.e. private funding forced by government through taxation) of abortions, in favor of a variety of welfare programs, in favor of government regulation, in favor of government mandates and controls against the free associations and interactions of the business and the marketplace. The ACLU litigates against freedom of association by advocating in favor of the use of government force to compel private entities into forced associations. For instance, it sued state chapters of the Boy Scouts to hire and use homosexual scout masters against their beliefs. Regardless of my opposition to the boy scouts policy it is not a government entity and not my place or anyone else’s to force them to associate with individuals whose actions or beliefs conflict with theirs. They have every right to associate or not associate with whomever they choose even for the stupidest of reasons. I have every right to persuade them to change, but not to use the force of government to compel them to associate in the manner I dictate. And of course the ACLU’s position on the Second Amendment is to interpret it as completely meaningless. The ACLU only gives Dr. Paul a lifetime rating of 57% putting him in the bottom half of the House of Representatives. For these reasons I recommend other more consistent up and coming public interest law firms like the Institute for Justice: http://www.ij.org/ or the Pacific Legal Foundation http://www.pacificlegal.org/ .

Info on ACLU:

Let it not be said that we did nothing.-Ron Paul
Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.-Sophia Magdalena Scholl

Thanks Joe

Great post. I was going to get to this and you beat me to it. I love the use of the Bircher diatribe like it legitimizes the insinuation that if it's Bircher...it must be crazy!

Never mind that they were completely correct all along...as current history attests. The only mistake of the John Birch Society was to make the semantic mistake of calling globalist machinations "communist".

John might do himself a service by simply asking himself how Lenin, a school teacher, was able to amass enough money and guns to overthrow one of the world's great powers and then act to find an answer to his question. And he might ask himself how Mao defeated a supposedly US backed Republican Army that had it cornered and on the ropes. He might look to the flow of money into Italy and Germany during the 30's and from whence it emanated. He might google Norman Dodd and look to the buried findings of the Reece Commission in 1952. He might...but he won't. He's to smug in his own cocoon to bother with such folly when he can simply turn on episodes of "World At War" on the History Channel to get all he needs to know. Or even read his edition of "The World This Week" to find out how our freedom loving friends at the CFR are getting along with our "best interests".

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

I also support ACLU as they

I also support ACLU as they DO support the Constitution and have actually personally helped me in the distant past. I do NOT agree with ALL of their issues, and some of those have become more important to them of late, so I stopped donating--BUT I will still defend the ACLU as I think they do more good than bad, as one of the FEW places that the Constitution is upheld. In fact, I have one of their bumper stickers on my car. It says "I am a Constitution Voter."

See Joe's list of unsupportable positions...

and then step back and punt....

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Why not add Moveon.org to your list

...and start over in your defense...?

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?


will never see one penny from me.
I've known about them for quite a while.

They will get your pennies anyway

You have no choice, BigT
Progressive is a national insurance company that has used Graham, Leach, Bliley to enter the fractional reserve, derivative game. Progressive, like all national insurance today, can create money from thin air. You have no choice, they reach right in your pocket and steal value.......and there is nothing you can do about it by yourself. You are powerless to stop this predatory act.

BUT, you could form alliances with others to build a coalition that advocates "CHANGE".........

It is hard to build such alliances when you practice philosophical purity. The fact is only about 10% of the people are naturally independent, the others seek security in groups, like fish.

BigT, do want to win or be right ?

I want to be right.

In my opinion, that is what winning is.
I'm not always right, but I try.
And I'm not always against coalitions.

I'll make a seemingly exaggerated example to prove a point.
I would love to be allowed to smoke marijuana, but I don't want to be smoking it in a Soviet-style communist US.

I know your style

I am familiar with your style and appreciate it. I use it myself.......

On the issue of changing monetary policy....on this one big issue we must take any help we can get. We can separate the wheat from chaf after we change the dollar policy, and you and I will stand together when that time comes.

After we correct our monetary policy and begin to get more social issues we may part ways, but at least it will respectfully and neither will use force against the other.

Banking, insurance and pensions are directly related to monetary policy, thats my point. We must have, absolutely must have, all the help we can get to rid ourselves of the money masters.

to localboy

You have no clue about Progressive. It is a fantastic company that cares for its customers, one of the best run and most innovative in existence.

not voting for any other GOP candidate.

On this we agree

You are right, Stephanie, I know little of Progressive.....

I do know insurance, derivatives and fractional reserves. I am very familiar with the consequences of Graham, Leah, Bliley. I know how the insurance industry works as it relates to how they participate in creating money from thin air and destroy my monies value, this I know.

Are the people of Progressive good people.....probably, I"ll take your word for it.

I do not call any company that engages in predatory acts as good, any of them. I left a high paying job because I refuse to participate in scams, so to me it matters not. If a company steals under cover of law, they are still thieves. Morals matter, ideas have consequences.

Is counterfeiting money a moral act, Stephanie ?

its ok

its ok

not voting for any other GOP candidate.

Take it easy FLO. Don't get

Take it easy FLO. Don't get upset.

Seems Localboy has the complete dope...

on Progressive and it's political activities, to say nothing of its position within the Federal Reserve's Hole-In-The-Wall gang.

Clues are good..they lead to the whole story...don't stop at the clues....

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

thanks for letting me know. I

thanks for letting me know. I like to know that my money is not going to liberals.

alrighty then...freedom for all....except for teachers!

I grew up Baptist and all I heard was how evil the ACLU was, and I just didn't get it then and I sure don't get it now. They have done nothing to "destroy" our heritage. It is up to the parents to educate their children, not the Beast. If you turn your kids over to the Beast to raise your children, then you have to play by their rules...simple as that. I get sick of everyone blaming this or that, them or those...WE THE PEOPLE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT HAPPENS IN THIS GRAND EXPERIMENT. You lost me when I got to that point...

Then I was so lost that the GPS tracker that I don't own couldn't get me out of the mess when I got to..."this idiot wants teachers to be able to use drugs without fear of exposure"...really? Drugged out teachers? haha I was fired from a great job once for failing a drug test. I had been in Jamaica for two weeks and got popped the day I returned from work. It wasn't for poor performance or insubordination...it was because I smoked pot in a foreign country a day or two before. If a teacher was to show up for work "drugged out", then it would be their actions and performance that would show the problem..not pissing in a cup in order to pacify people like you. Buy into government drug propaganda much? Do you realize that teachers, or anyone else, can use cocaine or meth and come up clean a couple of days later or even sooner? However you take a slightly portly teacher smoking a joint and they will come up positive for up to 60 days? Not much into freedom and liberty are you?

On a final note...is this not America? Can a person not contribute to whatever they wish? I support the ACLU and 90% of their actions..and I can understand the other 10%, I just don't completely agree with them. We are not clones and we do not all think exactly the same. We never will and it would be an awfully boring world if we did.

I think I will move my policies over to progressive and show my support.

If you were going to raise a stink about Progressive then you could bitch and moan about the little tracker that you can get, plug into your car, and it reports everything about your driving habits..supposedly to get a discount of some sort. Of course that is hard to complain about since it is something totally optional, but I'm sure someone will find a way.

Anyways...good for you. You have proven your point. Anyone who supports the ACLU and the inherit right to treat themselves naturally is obviously evil and doesn't get your money. That's good for you I suppose because 99% of the companies out there totally agree with you.

Note to self....

Leave all people named SJ761 out of any decision making capacity once the Revolution has rid us of bureaucrats who need to protect us from their boogeyman of the month.

Note to SJ761: "Boogeyman finder/cup holder" will be discontinued as an MOS. May I suggest re-training?

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?


lol...its not a gps tracker, but the program does offer very good discounts (up to 30%) completely voluntary program. Yes I sell Progressive insurance (and love them) I sell for many other companies too, but Progressive is one of my favorites.

not voting for any other GOP candidate.

Wake up!

Peter Lewis wants to end cannabis prohibition and end random, unwarranted, and UNCONSTITUTIONAL drug testing and you complain? What are you supporting?

Peter Lewis can take credit for having passed prop 215, the first medical marijuana bill CA. He has my full support, and Progressive is a fantastic insurance company.

I love Ron Paul and he has my vote, but I was furious when the campaign for liberty pac endorsed Ken Cuccinelli in Va too. Not Republican, not democrat - just liberty.

God bless.

not voting for any other GOP candidate.

cannibis is a single issue.

cannibis is a single issue. Hardly the main issue. It is important but you will not have that freedom unless you get rid of all the other anti liberty laws.

Cannabis is VERY IMPORTANT: Front Line of Freedom Issue

Ending cannabis prohibition is a HUGE issue in CA, where Proposition 215 passed with 56% of the vote in 1996. I voted No, because I didn't approve of the the word marijuana being used in the text and title. I find marijuana a slang term that works against we the people in the courts. None the less, MILLIONS of people BELIEVE cannabis hemp and medicine will heal people, the planet and the CA budget, if only it is legalized, yet, then the majority of voters believe, it would be better to decriminalize, and this does not bring into the issue, industrial hemp. Medical marijuana is legal to grow in many parts of CA. Industrial hemp is illegal all 50 states.

The war on drugs, the crowding, length of time, fines, inside jjob opportunities for ten year mandetory minumums, and conditions of prisons, courts, economy, trade agreements, armed state departments, domestic and international laws (free Marc Emory), corruptions of courts, police powers, taxes are all front line issues here in CA, where many people supported Soros and others in appreciation of the support received for backing the people on ending marijuana prohibition. This summer we had murders and assassinations over illegal grows on private property.

Is there anyone besides Ron Paul and Gary Johnson on the GOP pro-ending prohibition? And finally, many of Obama's supporters are pro-ending marijuana prohibition. The Clintons are NOT for ending prohibition AL ALL, so maybe you can see the divide in the Democratic party?

I think this is just another case where politics makes strange bed fellows, least we forget the first question Ron Paul was ever asked in a presidential debate, "Are you in the wrong party, Sir?" He is the only presidential candidate pro-ending prohibition and THAT IS HUGE!

If I had a choice of END the

If I had a choice of END the FED or cannibis I would choose
end the FED.