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One thing is for sure. Dr. Paul, his family and staff are doing the best they can in a hostile media environment.

There should be no question at this point that the media represents the special interests that got us into this mess in the first place. They are not going to all of the sudden start loving us and giving us the same airtime that they have given to people who should have already dropped out of the race. We have to practically fight for every square inch of ground we can gain.

If I could show you the initial letter that was compiled from suggestions here at the DP and forwarded to Dr. Paul, you would see that he is LISTENING and using some of the ideas presented. We are in a unique position to potentially help shape the national debate.

Dr. Paul has admitted that "refining the message" is one of his greatest challenges, and is something that takes up a good deal of his thoughts.

Let's face it. This is partially a war of soundbites, and headlines. Not only do you have to give the media a sensational headline -which is the "red meat" they thrive on- you also have to REFINE your message in a way that even 4th graders can understand.

This is where I thought this exercise might come in handy. We have a tremendous focus group here at the DP. It is made up of a variety of people from all walks of life, and professions. Many of you are out in the trenches, dealing with misrepresentations and objections on a daily basis. In the sales world "objections" are simply unanswered questions. "Selling" is essentially communicating.

When I look over Dr. Paul's biography and see his hard working humble beginnings, the reason he became a doctor, and the reason he got into politics in the first place, I can't help but feel like THIS IS HIS DESTINY.

He has been studying economics for MORE than HALF of his lifetime. He has been trying to WARN the public for over 25 years.

I personally want RP exclaim that THIS IS HIS DESTINY, and that "America is going to lose, if he doesn't win." He is already doing great by using words like "I'm the ONLY candidate" etc..

So, here is the challenge. How would you "refine" Dr. Paul's message into a headline? How can Dr. Paul differentiate himself in a headline without directly attacking his opponents? What headlines would YOU like to see regarding Ron Paul? Please don't just post whatever comes across your mind without giving it some serious consideration.

Also, please take the time to read through other members' responses, and either vote them up or down based on the effectiveness of content. This will hopefully eliminate redundancy. I will either have this thread forwarded to him, or take the highest voted "headlines" and compile them into an email. A "top ten" so to speak.

If you have MORE than one headline you would like to propose, then please separate them so they can be voted on individually.

Here are some ROUGH examples that I am thinking of.

Ron Paul: "US Economy not some value menu at a fast food restaurant."

Ron Paul: The Federal Reserve is not a manager at Burger King that you can just call, when your fries are cold."

Ron Paul: "We're creating more enemies than we can kill."

Ron Paul: "Americans getting hoodwinked into making another mistake."

Ron Paul: "Americans voted for change, but got more of the same."

Ron Paul: "Use Military to form a PERIMETER DEFENSE around US borders and territorial waters."

Ron Paul: "Energy Independence and Economy a National Security Priority."

You get the basic idea.
I'm not looking for a bunch of flowery "America's the shining city on the hill" nonsense. I'm looking for powerful headlines and brief statements that will GRAB attention, and HELP give him the opportunity to elaborate.

The most recent example was when Dr. Paul used the word "disgusting" in one of his interviews. That ONE WORD gained some traction, and allowed him the opportunity to elaborate further on the circus atmosphere of the debates.

This is the type of ammo we want to pass up to the front lines. The more accurate shots that can be made in the headlines, debates, and interviews, the less work we have to do in the trenches.

After all. There is a war on for their minds. Let's make sure we have the upper hand, whenever we can get it. "Unlocking minds, with the proper headlines."

Thanks for your input.