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Video Update: The Judge on The Daily Show 10/27

Full episode including extended interview (thanks drheyde):


Via Facebook...

Judge Andrew Napolitano
will be on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart this Thursday 11PM ET on Comedy Central to discuss "It's Dangerous to be Right When the Government is Wrong"


I'm sure it will be a good interview. Hope they talk about Dr. Paul!

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John23.... I agree with you and I would add this...

There is one way we can look at this thing called "society", the Private Sector, the Volunteer Sector, and the Government Sector.

PRIVATE SECTOR: We can see there is the private sector, which is simply us in the free market building, making, trading, servicing and selling things to each other.

VOLUNTEER SECTOR: We can see there is a whole universe here filled with Churches, Charities such as the March of Dimes, Red Cross, United Way, etc and Boy Scouts, YMCA, Charitable Hospitals such as Shriners Hospitals for Children, Meals on Wheels, Little Leagues, Flag Football, Jerry's Kids, the Paralympic track and field Games, Habitat for the Humanities, and on and on.

GOVERNMENT SECTOR: We can see there is town governments, city governments, County governments, State Governments, the Federal Government, and over 1,000 departments and regulations and requirements and licensing all coming from this sector.

So by looking at these 3 big sectors, we can see we can only expand the Govt Sector's functions by shrinking the functions in the other two sectors. Which is to say, if we ask more of Government, there will be less asked for in the Voluntary Sector or Private Sector.

Its a way of looking at Society that may give liberals pause...

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Could you post that on the

Could you post that on the daily shows comment section for the video?

The way you worded your argument will make it easy for liberals to understand. :)

What happens to losers in a free market?

Stewart's question assumes that we have a perfect safety net by giving up liberty. We have "free" public education and still have adults who can't read. We have "free" public housing and still have homeless on our streets. We have "free" food stamps and still need food banks to feed the hungry. To top it off, all this "free" help from the government has contributed to crushing debt for everyone. I guess Stewart's answer would be to throw more government money at the problems or create new government agencies that keep everyone housed, fed, etc.

Stewart's point of view is put trust in the government to help people. I don't understand that. All the evidence shows the government wastes resources and is ineffective. I'd rather that we put trust in the people to help each other and themselves.

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis

Declaration of Independence

I just want to say I like both Jon Stewart and the Judge but it really bothers me every time I hear the Judge incorrectly state, that we get our Rights from humanity (humans). Our Declaration of Independence clearly states We are "endowed by our CREATOR with certain unalienable Rights...." not HUMANITY. I am also sick our hearing what a terrible person John Adams was because he signed into law, the bill CONGRESS passed, "The Alien and Sedition Act". In hindsight it is easy to see what a dangerous "Act" that was but there was a lot more to what was going on at the time. The French were raiding our ships at sea and taking our sailors hostage.There may have been some new French immigrants that were committing Sedition and Treason. Hamilton's faction also wanted us to go to war with France but John Adams sided with Jefferson kept us out of a war with France. Another thing, if it was not for John Adams, the leading advocate at the Continental Congress, calling for our Independence from England we may all still be bowing and paying homage to Her Majesty the Queen.

My CREATOR is my mother and father

They are humans, with rights who passed those unalienable rights onto me when I was born. Hence humanity passed those rights to me. Believe in a God in the sky if you will, just stop assuming that everyone else does.

You are free to believe and define your creator....

as your mommy and daddy if you choose. The First Amendment guarantees that Right to you. But, the Declaration of Independence refers to "Nature's God", "Creator", and it ends with a firm reliance on the protection of "divine Providence". The Founders did not believe their Right to Life, Liberty and Property came from humans or humanity, whether they be benevolent or tyrants, because any human(s) powerful enough to grant those Rights would also be powerful enough to remove those Rights.

All's well that ends well...

I agree that the Judge wasn't up to his usual par, but in the end Jon made him welcome anytime he wanted to return and the Judge extended the same courtesy to Jon. So I guess all's well that ends well.

OK, so we elect Ron as POTUS, whoever he chooses as VP (we trust 'ya, Ron), the Judge as A/G, Peter Schiff or Jim Rogers as Secretary of the Treasury, Tom Woods and Doug Wead go in there somewhere with Jon Stewart as Press Secretary to "handle" the media since he obviously likes both Ron and the Judge. I would actually watch a lot more Press Conferences, as would many, if this were the case ;-)

ytc's picture

Fine show to introduce libertarian basic philosophy to

liberals, progressives, positivists and others who still love to be in control of a BIG Gov to form the world to serve THEM.

Judge Nap mentions that "Selfishness is a virtue", but it takes a self-restrained population which honors the Golden Rule for a pure libertarian world to function.

Moral, ethical or aesthetic mechanisms for self-restrained pursuit of what you really want ("selfishness") have to be ingrained in the culture for a libertarian society to function & flourish.

To many that sounds too optimistic of human nature and would just call it a Utopian fantasy and opt to ignore such a way of life, I guess. But why they wishfully assume the best of human quality among gov officials is beyond me.

Monday morning quarterbacking,

I'd say the Judge missed a better way to address "winners and losers."

There are losers and there are LOSERS. By that I mean that some people fail at things they do, and can either start over or work for a winner (as was mentioned below). Giving to them is the worst abuse of government social programs, for it steals from responsible people and redistributes to scammers.

The LOSERS would be people who, despite their best efforts, just can't make it. Most of us think they should be helped, but it's an individual moral responsibility. Free marketers will step up, if not just out of conscience, but because they want to be seen as neighborly members of their communities. They also believe that charity given to people who the giver knows are truly in need is the best (maybe only) way to make sure people don't take advantage of charity when they really don't need it, and that approach makes charity as efficient and wasteless as possible.

The fans of government intervention, if they'd really think about it, don't want to help out unless other people are forced to do so as well. They are more concerned about others not being charitable than they are about stepping up on their own and helping out. Maybe they fear that, if they weren't forced by law to do so, they'd show themselves and others how stingy they are. They also fail to realize the inherent waste and fraud that inevitably comes with compulsory government "charity," and how compulsion robs one of the self esteem of being charitable, and the gratitude of those they help. In fact, it eliminates gratitude almost completely, for those on the receiving end think they are DUE the help they get.

Anyway, that's the sort of thing I'd like the judge to have said. Easy for me, after the fact, and without the pressure of immediate responses to questions.


Watch and enjoy. The Judge is awesome, and at the end he turns Jon Stewart toward wondering if he and the Judge believe the same things.

Love the judge

But his appearance on the Daily Show was not as effective as it might have been. Several times, he didn't really tackle Stewart's objections so much as recite a generic libertarian talking point.

Why not illuminate the fact that, at one time, most roads in America were privately built? People assume that things must always have been the way they are today.

Stewart asked about the "losers" in the free market. He seems to assume these people will all be destitute. No! They lose command over precious resources, which are turned over to more capable stewards, who create the jobs that employ the "losers." And if a "loser" isn't able to work a low-end job, he still benefits from the increased production of goods brought about by the market economy, which makes it possible for many of those who don't work to be fed by the labor of those who do. This is why children and housewives and the elderly don't have to work.

(Notice this progress has been undone in the last 30 years or so as, increasingly, mothers and the elderly have had to return to work in order to make ends meet.)

The Judge should also have challenged Stewart's contention that he would be "giving up his liberty to an insurance company" instead of government firefighters. Any contract entered into voluntarily is not comparable to government's infringement of liberty. And, of course, neighborhoods could still form their own volunteer fire departments for their mutual benefit.

Anyway, the Judge is eloquent and likable, and he knows his American history. But if he is in the running for VP (and, to be clear, I would support such a choice by Ron Paul), he needs to practice answering these common objections in a way that will convince the Stewarts of the world, who think libertarianism is "utopian fantasy."

I agree. He really didn't

I agree. He really didn't counter Jon's arguments very well.

John Stewart loves roads. He

John Stewart loves roads. He thinks they wouldn't exist if not for government.

He really should read I, Pencil. Then he should contemplate how many antecedents were required to manufacture his suit. Perhaps the light bulb would turn on and he would realize, "wow, all of that division of labor occurred without government intervention, or in fact, it occurred in spite of government regulations."

the people booing capitalism in the audience

let me know that we've got a loooooong way to go to reverse the effects of decades of public schooling propaganda being force-fed to generations of sheeple.

Those are the moments I feel saddened for my country.

"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." - Thomas Jefferson

Being against Capitalism, but

Being against Capitalism, but not admitting that you're a Socialist, a Marxist, a anarchist, or really for anything, is the cool thing to do for young Democrats these days.

They've been raised to be Statists.

Stewart boggles my mind

We've had nothing but more and more government since we started this entire thing off back in 1776. And Jon still thinks we can just tinker with it here and there and fix it all? Really?

Sometimes you need to slash and burn. Sometimes you have to cut the arm off the patient to save him. When will the liberals figure this out?

I just have to laugh as people ask for their own enslavement.


I like the part when the Judge was speaking. :)

btw, I also enjoyed how the Judge appeals to the masses.




so happy they put this out tonight instead of waiting until the next day.

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waiting for the FULL EPISODE to be posted

so we can see the WHOLE show. TDS shoud be putting that up very soon here:


that's the extended interview

should had been more clear.

initially it was somewhat of a cliffhanger to hear the the Judge say "let me tell a story" and then the broadcast end and have to wait until it comes online. the extra part is longer than the interview part that aired.

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Anyone notice how Jon Stewart SLAMMED the current "top tier"?

The piece Jon did on Mitt (Scared Mittless) was GREAT!

Then the piece he followed up with on Herman Cain...HILARIOUS!

The next piece on Rick Perry..BAM!

Gee, who does that leave...I wonder...lol ;-)

I'm thinking now when Ron is elected President he needs to make Jon Stewart Press Secretary as NOBODY handles (i.e. "takes to task") the media better than Jon Stewart...lol.

what a wonderful world

if John Stewart was Ron Paul's press secretary...lol

hell yeah man! That would be

hell yeah man! That would be so kickass...let's get some comedy in the White House!!! Loosen up the tension a bit and put a positive, hip spin on Washington. I totally endorse this idea, putting John Stewart's personal politics aside here of course.

- Brennan

I like the comments.... can't

I like the comments.... can't wait to watch this tomorrow.

"You must be frank with the world; frankness is the child of honesty and courage...Never do anything wrong to make a friend or keep one...Above all do not appear to others what you are not" - Robert E. Lee, CSA

The Judge is an amazing human

The Judge is an amazing human being...

The judge was pretty

Awesome. I could tell he had a lot to get out and got a good rant in about what the government should not be doing.

He was phenomenal

We have to start thinking Judge Nap for 2016.

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