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Ron Paul Criticism of the Conservative Movement

The new meme of the Neo Cons is to call Ron Paul an idiot over 'Mr. Moonshine Mulshine's' interview over him calling Levin, Hannity and Rush Statists. I am seething with anger. Here is a quote from Rightscoop:

"Translation – Ron Paul: I’m a moron and I want everyone to know it."

Who made these guys gods of the Conservative Movement? Are they our pontiffs? They have railed against the corporate, corrupt left wing media yet they are every bit as corrupt. Ron Paul is the real deal, period. He WILL cut the budget and shows that they are just Republican shills and have no real core beliefs.

Rush even admitted he was carrying the water for the damned Republican Party!

Here are the articles I am talking about.
This makes me want to vote for Paul even more.




Someone summon Tom Woods to fight these guys!!

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