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Ron Paul on FOX - 'Special Report' w/Bret Baier 10/26: Paul in the Center Seat

Part 1 Links provided by drheyde, each has a short promo.


Parts 2-3 below:

Part 2


Part 3


Continuing to break through the post-2pm FOX blackout.

Can O'Reilly be next?

Will Greta actually stoop to uttering the words 'Ron Paul'?

Stay tuned...

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It wasn't terrible, but keep in mind

When we watch these interviews, we understand his policies already, so when he skips chunks of things, or doesn't get to explain it fully and in complete detail, we know what he means. Those missing pieces are automatically filled in by our brain, so we know exactly what he meant without him having to say all of it.

The people that don't know his full stances don't already know those extra details, so they are often left with only 3/4 of the picture at times.

We forget this when we see these interviews, because we know him inside and out and often fail to see it how someone who knows nothing about Paul is seeing it.

That was a pretty good

That was a pretty good interview in all.Does anybody know the viewer numbers ?And there might even be friendship opportunities to be maybe with some.

"Give me Liberty or give me death." Patrick Henry


Hey can anyone provide a transcript to this interview for hard-of-hearing and deaf people?

Krauthammer was laughing at Paul's jokes before the punchline

I take what I said last night back, I think Charles was beginning to like Paul. Understand I was watching a compressed flash video which was probably around 240p and making everyone look like a cheesy early 80's Coke commercial. Then I watched the videos above which appear to be 700p+ if not 1080p and I was just paying attention to Krauthammer(sorta like when you watch the 3 Stooges and you decide to watch what Larry is doing to set up whatever violent episode Moe has in store for Curly. Larry is making all these faces, odd physical gestures, pantomime etc). When Paul was talking about babies in the end Charles couldn't help but laugh. Maybe I'm wrong and he had an ear piece and someone was doing an ad-lib in his ear piece thus making him laugh but he seemed to be quite amused by Paul's humor. Hmmmm...Don't suppose he is psychic but at one point he started laughing and was the only one and Paul hadn't even got to the punchline! You unlock this door with the key of imagination....

Evil people laugh too.

I encourage you to research Krauthammer more.

I might do that some day but

I might do that some day but he was laughing out of time! lol

Twilight Zone?

or....Outer Limits where they have control of all that you see and hear? : )

Ron Paul Schools the Petulant Little Warmonger Students

I thought Dr. Paul did extremely well in the midst of these War Mongering SOBs. As someone who lost a brother (he was 19) in Vietnam, these Neocons have no idea what impact the loss of a family member in war (which is known to have been started on lies i.e. Gulf of Tonkin Incident) and how devastating it is and the effects gone on for years.

These Neocon F!@kers should send one of their young boys off to one of these clusterf@$k wars to return home in a box and then lets see how much they love war. Bastards! Ron Paul killed them in this interview. And they know it! They are afraid, very afraid. They where schooled by the Professor on Liberty! 2012 is all about Freedom. Last Chance Amerika! Ron Paul 2012!

If anyone thought that this

If anyone thought that this was a good interview...I've got some ocean front property in Nebraska I'd like to sell you.

They badgered him. Especially the guy on the far left on the OBL question. They want to get sound bytes of Ron Paul saying "No, I wouldn't have gone after Osama in Pakistan"

That's all that this was about. They asked him the most ridiculous questions (short of supporting legalizing heroin or prostitution) to purposely make him look weak on foreign policy and I think he realized this half way through the interview by the expressions on his face.

I like the exposure, and I like the things Ron was able to talk about.. However, we all know how the anchor(s) can frame the debate for the people at home and this was not a positive outing.

Not one economic question, not one on healthcare, not one on jobs...all foreign policy. (on actual TV) not online.

If that were Mitt Romney in that chair...he would not be treated like this.

And Charles at one point was

And Charles at one point was basically begging him for a toke. From what I gather now he is in a wheel chair(never really paid much attention and never saw faux friends wheel him across the stage on a free ride weeeeeeeeeeeeee). However he appeared on second glance to have something wrong with him and undoubtedly has issues with pain. I'm quite sure he smokes bud.

The only problem I had with that exchange is Paul should have asked him if he smoked. Paul could have a better answer for drugs in general and the reason people take them and you can even tie crime in general into this....the politicians in Washington sold Americans out and forced jobs overseas. He could also be pointing out Romneycare legalized free narcotic care in MA. Jobs is the word he should use to twist any drug issue. People get into drugs because of bad economic situations. What they need is a dose of liberty.

Paul got some zingers in such as the 3am type call or crisis situation. Paul did not flinch. Romney was in that chair he would have said uhhh uhh I would talk to my lawyers, consult with the generals on the ground(subject was water Ha!)and....Paul made the executive decision. Romney has never been in the situation where that ever mattered as a whole. If he screwed up(often)he lost money, people lost jobs etc. If Paul screwed up, someone's baby died.

These are serious times for many. People(silent majority)want a serious leader not a pompous twit making bad jokes.

What interview where you watching?

Stupid questions from stupid neocons. It obvious they where stupid questions.

Right, but that's my whole

Right, but that's my whole point. People watching this at home give more credibility to the questioner than the questioned and when you have questioners framing question in such a way, people get the wrong idea about Ron Paul.

It's easy for us to see through this, but picture yourself long before you ever knew about RP...you may have bought into it as well. I know a lot of people who support Paul now but were Fox news slappy's beforehand,

Watch Vids and Run Up Stats

These media corps bring in people for interviews that get them the most attention since they sell advertising to make money. The more views these vids get on Faux the more likely the will be to invite Dr. Paul back. It's all about ratings and money.

I'm running all 3 videos and would encourage everyone to send out the link to get the views up or to mute the vids and run all three. This will increase the chances of them having Dr. Paul back on since all they care about is money. The fact that Baer says, we may have just set a record for the number of viewers for the online portion is evidence that they closely monitor these numbers. Just my $0.02.

It's all about the money

But mostly it's all about protecting the counterfeiting operation, that's the biggest source of money for big media owners. They themselves, and the big corporations that advertise with them, including governments, get counterfeit money from fractional reserves and central banks.

Sorry for double post

It won't let me delete it. My apologies DP Community

Watch Vids and Run Up Stats

These media corps bring in people for interviews that get them the most attention since they sell advertising to make money. The more views these vids get on Faux the more likely the will be to invite Dr. Paul back. It's all about ratings and money.

I'm running all 3 videos and would encourage everyone to send out the link to get the views up or to mute the vids and run all three. This will increase the chances of them having Dr. Paul back on since all they care about is money. The fact that Baer says, we may have just set a record for the number of viewers for the online portion is evidence that they closely monitor these numbers. Just my $0.02.

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In a neutral review, I'd only rate it at mediocre.

You all know I fully support RP, but watching this as Joe Guy was, out there still deciding on who to vote for, who doesn't already know RP's positions like we do, it didn't do much to gain the average Joe Guy's support.

Maybe on a small few topics, but he was all over the place on foreign policy, stumbling and grasping for words. They had him rattled and appearing unsure of himself on that topic. That part did not gain the on the fence person at all.

Some topics were fairly clear, but I sit here 10 minutes after watching it, with no resulting message in my mind.

It didn't seem to deliver specific information clearly on many topics. It was more like lots of information chopped into different pieces and mixed around, often leaving the end message points undecipherable, between Ron trying to explain it and jumping around, and the questioners interjecting while he was explaining.

If I was not an RP supporter already, this interview would have been neither here nor there with me. I guess I came away from it with feeling that the majority out there watching it, probably didn't absorb much out of it at all.

Kind of disappointed because it was a nice format, relaxed, and spotlighted. We don't get many chances like this and when they don't hit home with the viewers, it feels like a massive miss.

Frankly, I agreed with you

Frankly, I agreed with you except on one point. When they asked him about the "canal" his answer resonated! First he would abdicate NO responsibility. HE would find out if it was indeed a national security breech. THEN he would go to Congress and have THEM either declare war or not. IF they did he would get us in there, win, and be done. I loved this answer and it is still vibrating in my mind. Have we had any wars like this amidst all the ones we have had of late? Have any been fought for REAL purpose? Great answer on that one.

Charles 'The Mole' Krauthammer

got his bent ideas all straightened out. If you watch his face there are definitely a few time where he agreed with the good Dr. I think it's the same with all of them, they had constructed their opinion of Dr. Paul through second hand information, but when they face numero-uno they were like 'oh damn'!


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Watch Krauthammer roll his eyes in Part 3 @14:30 in,....

when Ron Paul says he'll bring the troops home and let them spend their money at home.

Oh, did Krauthammer really need to hear that!

What a great man!

Thank you gee_blee for posting these videos.I got rid of the TV in my house about three years ago so that I could spend my time in reality.I'm glad for the Daily Paul though because I can still view the really important information that has meaning.I think Ron Paul was right on with every answer he gave to these people on this show.I hope more people will understand his views and see the importance of his message.

I love liberty like fresh cool air in my lungs.I love freedom like fresh cool water on my tongue.I love peace like the smooth skin of my sweet lady.And Dr.Ron Paul is the hero I believe will change the world.

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Brilliant and heart-warming!

* It was great to see Ron consistently placing anti-Iran hysteria in perspective with references to how we successfully dealt with the real substantial threats from USSR / China.

* I hope all those frustrated Occupy! and TeaParty people carefully listen to Ron's explanation of WHY they are perfectly justified to be angry & frustrated.

* For me the highlight was when he beamed while talking about how delivering babies as an OB doc was "a lot more enjoyable than being grilled." His love for what he is doing is very infectious. When he said, "They didn't usually give me too much grief. Those babies were glad to get out", I thought THAT's what he is doing now for us as well. He is trying to deliver LIBERTY or the LOVE & will for liberty. . .a new LIFE. . . from within us.

integrity, BRASS balls . .

Ron Paul wow!!

I cant stand these guys, but he looked good and I'll give them a little credit, they let him have an extra 15 seconds for each response. BIG mistake on their part!! ha ha.

THE difference with Paul is that he DOES NOT change his story one time to the next because he's TRUTHFUL.

Unlike Romney who changed from one union position in Ohio to another in another state quicker than he changed his underwear!!

I posted this a few months ago, but I want a president that tells me the truth even if it hurts to hear it.
THE TRUTH!!! For once!! Thats Ron Paul.

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

War propaganda in high gear.

War propaganda in high gear. They always interrupt Ron to get him flustered.

The longer this interview went on

the harder these guys were having. By the end of the internet portion of it it was almost like they were all intellectually defeated. Time is Paul's best friend in any interview...give him the time and you can't touch the guy.

You can't dampen this guys spirits either...even with obvious hit pieces (like those clips from the daily show) Paul just laughed it off.

They sure want to know if he

They sure want to know if he will run third party if he doesn't get the nomination. They are definitely scared.

Never ends

Krauthammer and the guy on the left, those two love them some WAR, baby! The constitution and George Washington's parting words about entangling alliances are really cramping their style.

those two war monger should

those two war monger should be relocated either to iraq or afganistan hmmmm how bout libya. they keep on twisting the cut wud hurt the DOD its the military spending RP that should be cut off not the defence.

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."

Thought Juan was supposed to be cool

What was with Juan Williams lobbing the Wolf Blitzer questions??