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Ron Paul on FOX - 'Special Report' w/Bret Baier 10/26: Paul in the Center Seat

Part 1 Links provided by drheyde, each has a short promo.


Parts 2-3 below:

Part 2


Part 3


Continuing to break through the post-2pm FOX blackout.

Can O'Reilly be next?

Will Greta actually stoop to uttering the words 'Ron Paul'?

Stay tuned...

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It was a good Q

It gave Dr Paul a chance to respond to it.

ok...I know this is kinda stupid...but....

I really can't believe how even after all these years Dr. Paul can point out something so obvious that I just never even thought of and give me a "duh" moment...

I myself have been known to throw the "birth" issue around about President Obama....and it never even occurred to me that if his Mother was an US Citizen the topic is mute.

I have no idea if what his Mother's status is...nor do I even care anymore because it's in the past...but I literally did a facepalm because it never even crossed my mind.

Now I know why Dr. Paul never said anything about the "birth" thing.
(and please...I'm not trying to turn this thread into another topic...just pointing out how Dr. Paul is always miles ahead of me in the brain department...lol)

It's more complicated

From what I have read/heard, based on the US laws at that time, if the mother was under a certain age and didn't live in the country long with the baby or other circumstances that's when it becomes a problem. I believe they moved out of country after not long. Furthermore, he was adopted by a non-American and lived out of the states, which would make him not a citizen, and he was never nationalized after that. Anyway, it's a complicated legal matter that Ron Paul's not too informed on. I believe there is a real meat to the issue though. Politically perhaps it is best if he's not, and it doesn't really have a lot of importance as long as someone else is elected in 2012.

Obama has taken steps to seal his records such as college and immigration records. His social is from a state he never lived in and his name Barack Obama was not his actual name according to all available records, it was actually Barry Soetoro. Some fishy aspects to his past for sure.

Ron Paul hasn't studied Natural Born Citizen clause

And it may simply be because he feels it's irrelevant.

However, the Natural Born Citizen clause has an important purpose. It was meant to ensure that the Commander in Chief will have sole allegiance to America. The historical definition of a natural born citizen was someone that was born within the country to citizen parents. That is how it is defined in the Law of Nations which was highly regarded and well used by the founders while writing the Constitution. The office of President or Commander in Chief is the sole office in our country that has a natural born citizen requirement. It's not a requirement for anyone else.

The idea behind the law was that if both your parents are citizens, and you are born within the country, then it's unlikely you will have any direct allegiance to a foreign state, or be influenced by one of your parents of a foreign state.

For example, if one of your parents is a British subject, or citizen of Kenya, as is the case with Barack Obama's father, then you are not a Natural Born Citizen. Since Barack Obama's father was a British subject and citizen of Kenya, it may compromise Obama's judgement or neutrality in any matters involving either country.

To put it in perspective, would it be a good idea to have a Commander in Chief that was the son of a Communist Chinese citizen as president of America - even if their mother was a US citizen?

It's a real issue, and Ron Paul is simply uninformed on it, similar to 9/11. Ron Paul focuses on what is most important, liberty and sound money. It's probably better he doesn't know about these things anyway, because then he would honestly answer, and people are not ready to hear it after being so thoroughly programmed.

More likely he HAS and he understands it better than you.

Your ideas contradict the law as well as common sense. If you are the son of a US Citizen you are a natural born citizen, and the federal government DOES NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY to take that away!

Obviously a child of one citizen obtains citizenship by birth

However, that's not the issue.

Only the President is constitutionally required to be a natural born citizen; born in the country to citizen parents.

The sole purpose is to protect the presidency from foreign influence.


A natural born citizen is simply one who was a US Citizen at birth. Which Obama obviously was, whether he was born in Hawaii or Kenya or Mars.

This birther nonsense only serves to make it easy to paint all of us as uncritical morons, and has never made a lick of sense otherwise from day one.

It's perfect sense.

Try researching it, and you will learn the truth.

Do you at least understand why it would not be a good idea to have a president who was the son of a foreign citizen? If so, then maybe you will have enough interest to actually learn. There's a difference between birthright citizenship and the constitutional requirement for president.

I can't teach you because you obviously have a closed mind, none of your responses are specifically relevant to the information I provided. They're just, "nu-uh," replies.

I have researched it, you should try that

And so has Dr. Paul, obviously. You should take your own advice and so some research, without limiting yourself to only reading people that have already decided to believe this fairy tale before they even started to write.

You cant teach me because you dont understand the subject, and I do. Simple as that. You should open your mind up a crack and you might find I can teach you. This subject isnt difficult at all, but conspiracy-addicts always try to make everything more complicated than it is.

Here is a simple and informative link for your confusion:


No, you haven't, obviously.

Because you don't know what you're talking about.


Sure, obviously when I reference the US Constitution and United States Code provisions that constitute the controlling law on the subject, and you reference instead a european book that has no legal authority whatsoever but better fits your preconcieved ideas, it must be *I* who doesnt know what he is talking about. Couldnt possibly be you. That makes a lot of sense.


You are aware that the government is unconstitutional?

Are you not? And you are aware that the government passes legislation which is also unconstitutional, entirely in conflict with the plain meaning and intent of the Constitution?

You must also be unaware that, "european book," was a well used reference the founders used to write the Constitution.

In 1775, Benjamin Franklin wrote, "the circumstances of a rising State make it necessary to frequently consult the Law of Nations," and that the Law of Nations "has been continually in the hands of the members of our Congress now sitting."

What you have posted only scratches the surface, which I could already tell was the limit of your knowledge from your previous comments.

And it also argues against common sense. There's a specific reason that the President is required to be a natural born citizen, instead of merely a citizen like Senators and Representatives. What's the reason?

An oversimplification

Around 90% of the federal goverments current activities are unconstitutional. But it's existence and some of its activities are not. The Constitution, in fact, explicitly gives Congress the power to determine the laws of Citizenship (I.8.4)

Of course I am well aware of the side-issues you bring up. I was focusing on the essential point and trying to keep it simple for you.

"Law of Nations" was a fairly well-read book, and certainly had an influence on the founders thoughts. However it was never and is not law in this country, simply one of many books which the founders read and which influenced them to some degree.

If you actually read the section in question, and put it in context of the US Constitution and US Codes past and present, it makes quite a bit of sense and doesnt contradict what I, along with Dr. Paul, the Constitution, and the US Code, say on the issue at all. But I am sure that is too complicated for you to understand, and you dont need to understand it to realise that the controlling authority is to be found in the US Constitution and the US Code, not in that book.

What is the purpose of the natural born citizen law?

You didn't answer my question.

As commander in chief, of the armed forces.

they wanted to prevent divided loyalties.
we have been very active in north Africa lately, I wonder if there might be a connection?
admiralty law, has supplanted the law of nations. this was illeagle to do. when and how it was done, I do not know.

Thank you

for already typing what I was thinking after Ron's response. I, too, strongly disagree with Ron Paul on this topic. Since Obama, Sr. was NEVER a US citizen of any type, imo, there's no way Obama could be a natural born citizen, no matter where he was born. (Law of Nations)
However, I am sure Dr. Paul has his reasons for not delving into the matter further. Some reasons for not doing so have crossed my mind--like a possible Constitutional crisis. Some have said that Obama, Sr. is not really Obama's father. Who is listed on the birth certificate? If Obama, Sr. isn't Obama's biological father, should the issue be resolved by accepting who's listed on the birth certificate or should it be resolved in the context of who the actual father is? If Obama knows that Obama, Sr. isn't his biological father, why did he lie? Did he know he'd never have gotten elected if "we" knew the truth? Did he just not want to "air his dirty laundry"? ...a possible huge mess...
I believe Ron Paul thinks there's more important issues right now that should be addressed.
Back on topic: I thought it was a decent interview. Dr. Paul was able to get a lot of points across. I became a little nervous over Brett's discussion at the end concerning Iowa--I think we need to closely monitor the results of that race, specifically checking for voter fraud.

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

As with many things, the problem is conterfeiters own the media

So, we get serious investigation and reporting on everything except counterfeiting and those that support it. The owners of the media are using their counterfeit money to buy, control, and consolidate the media, for the purpose of protecting the very source of the counterfeit money they receive and benefit from - fractional reserve banking and fiat currency.

If just one reporter on mainstream prime time news actually investigated and reported the meaning and purpose of the natural born citizen clause live, which is not very hard to do even, then Obama would be removed from office, because the people would demand it.

But, Obama is kept in power, because he supports counterfeiters. And, as long as the counterfeiters control the media there's little hope of them reporting that their puppet is not eligible for office.

However, Ron Paul has been able to inform a large number of people, including reporters, that the Federal Reserve Bank essentially counterfeits our money, and he's done it with very little media support. The knowledge is reaching critical mass, and therefore the owners of the media and counterfeit banking are having a difficult time putting the cat back in the bag. All they can resort to now is downplaying it, trying to co-opt the anger, and attacking any criticisms of counterfeiting.

By focusing mainly on sound money and the economic problems resulting from not having sound money, Ron Paul is doing the right thing, and I honestly believe that he doesn't know as much about the natural born citizen clause as some reporters probably do, which have been tasked with covering it up. Even if he did, it would be best to focus on what the people have already learned about, that the Fed counterfeits our money and passes it out to their friends, which end up using it to buy control of everything.

Natural Born Citizen

This is the one MAJOR area I disagree with Dr. Paul on.

For The Power of The Republic!

But wouldn't you agree that it's best to focus on sound money?

Without sound money nothing else is sound, because the heart of any society is trade.

And wouldn't you agree that Ron Paul may simply not be aware of the purpose of the natural born citizen clause because he's so focused on sound money?

WOW! These warmongering

neo-cons are scared to death of this man! Perry has already peaked, Romney isn't even a conservative, and Cain is Federal Reserve shill. Ron Paul should win Iowa and that is going to drive these jokers nuts!

Constitution put on trial


For The Power of The Republic!

Cracks me up

To see Krauthammer's sullen look as he has to suck it up and listen to the voice of liberty rather than hear his neo-con warmongering propaganda!


i hear ya. Got jabba the hutt sitting over there on Pauls left squirming with the most disgusted look on his face....beautiful...brought a smile to my face.


For those who get to see this and haven't paid much attention to Ron Paul, they have got to recognize the huge difference between Dr. Paul and the other candidates. He is such a wealth of information, he knows what he is talking about and gets his point across so well when given the chance, never pandering, rather educating and informing. You get the feeling there isn't much he doesn't have a handle on and that is a very good feeling when you are looking for someone you want to be your president. Because he is so real, he comes across as such and I don't think people can get that feeling from the other candidates, he has a wonderful way of making you know and feel he is trust worthy and that is something the other candidates do not possess.

It is amazing the trust that is engendered

by the mere action of telling the truth.

Ron Paul is my President!

Ann in Florida

I haven't watched it yet but

I haven't watched it yet but after reading a few comments below I feel like a kid waiting for Saturday cartoons to start. Coffee is almost finished, it is gonna be nice breakfast viewing.

Finally RP is on MSM

It's clear that MSM wants to restore ppls confidence on them. At the end they said that tell your supporter that we're good. The power of the people.

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."


Thrre is no forum Dr. Paul can't handle as was plainly obvious in this segment, he was on his game with honest, accurate political solutions and judging by his smile having a ball doing so ... I love you Dr. Paul!!!

RP has flipped evryone on

RP has flipped evryone on those seats like burgers. And when RP arguments peel off more honest disection of the situation They try to interrupt him or cut off Ron Paul. RP always a statesman. I dare Obama be put on the center seat and let see if he get to be asked w tough questions like that.

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."

so who is...

Asking about a FED Chairman than asking what Jam Grant's philosophy is illustrates perfect the ignorance of people on the topic of interest rates and money creation.

James Grant is likely the most credential well respected critic of the FED machine.

I wish Ron would of said, "well of course, he runs Grant's Interest Rate Observer...". Funny stuff.

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