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How Will Ron Paul Win? By YOU Maximizing Your Influence, Attending Local GOP Meetings

It's that simple, the election will be won in the GOP.

Ron Paul is doing really well, but he needs your help. Get started in really helping Ron Paul win by merely attending and volunteering at your local GOP meetings. If you do, you will naturally become involved and have a real influence. Once you get involved, you will see that the power structure is actually amazingly small - most people simply don't participate. In elections I've participated and worked in, the winners are determined by only a few percentage of the population - the few percentage that show up! Working in the GOP is where you can have a much stronger influence in helping Ron Paul win than anywhere else.

You don't have to be elected to make a difference and influence things, and openings are available all the time as people move, can't attend for various reasons, or simply stop showing up. Take advantage.

If you hate the GOP, you need to realize that it's only a brand - just a name. It's the people participating that determine what it does, and that can be you. The bottom line is, the very most influence you can have in helping Ron Paul win is in registering Republican and participating in your local GOP.

For further details see Purplefetus' excellent topics:

1) Step 1: Join Your local Ron Paul Meetup and Join Campaign for Liberty

2) Step 2: Attend local County GOP meetings

3) Extra credit: http://phone.ronpaul2012.com/v/login.php?v=1

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1)You campaign for RP and lots of people do the same: people will complain that "RP's supporters are hurting him"

2)You do nothing and lot of people do nothing: RP's supporters have failed him.

This seems to go on and on a topic will pop up that "the supporters are the problem", but what are the implications of this. Apparently people are not trusted/disallowed to try to spread their candidate's message because other supporters don't trust their articulation of the message.

Only other candidate pushing either a plan, or a radically different idea is Herman Cain. Only with Cain, you have the CEO of Coca Cola helping push his plan and his campaign. Basically his plan is endorsed by the corporate world, so it's quite easy to spread his message without looking so edgy.

In GOP, talk issues and values, not candidates.

Often it's better if you don't mention any candidates anyway, because once you mention support for a particular candidate it only creates division among those supporting other candidates.

To support Ron Paul in GOP, you never need to mention him.

The best thing to do is support liberty and the Constitution which protects it, and discuss values and issues. In all discussions, votes, and interaction you can support the values and right candidates without ever making a specific endorsement. We have a right to a private ballot, because it's nobody's business who you vote for.

If you talk about the same values that Ron Paul does, without mentioning him, it will keep people's minds open, and guide them to the right candidate anyway. You can then mention Ron Paul if someone happens to agree with his positions, even saying something like, "Didn't Ron Paul propose to do that?"

For example, what do you think when someone tells you they support Bachmann, Perry, Romney, or Cain? My first thought is usually, "Another cluless voter," and I have a tendency towards ignoring them. Mentioning candidates up front only puts up a wall between two people trying to have a discussion.

Of course, it depends upon how well you know someone. This strategy is good for talking to new acquaintances.

Here Is A Short Interview Explaining Austrian Economics,,

Austrian is a small Government Verses Keynesian big government, big spending, economics:



Path to Victory

This was a great post, and we need more of this type. I just joined the DP recently, but I've been an RP supporter for a few years now. This post has made me realize something: we spend an awful lot of time preaching to the choir and complaining about the media, while under-utilizing our strongest resources.

This is a completely unique grassroots effort led my millions of different Americans across the country, and I think we are making a fundamental error by trying to run a top-down campaign for a grassroots candidate. We have gained more attention from the media recently, and that is a good thing, but we cannot rely on them to spread the message of Liberty. I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to campaigns, but I know a lot of you are.

So this is my goal: to make manageable list of tangible things that every Paul supporter can use to offer our best possible chance of success. We need to expand the donor base for money bombs, utilize word of mouth for the tens of millions of people who don't even know why they believe what they believe, and coordinate our efforts beginning at the local level for the greatest possible effect.

I am asking for anyone who is more knowledgeable about the campaign process than I am, as well as anyone else out there who has some input to help author a road map to victory.

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito


Up here in beautiful sunny Summit County Colorado the local GOP meeting is fun and informative. Join us the 1st Monday every month in Frisco - Ron Paul supporters already comprise ~ 25% of attendees.

Also be sure to vote

NO on term-limit extension for DA { @ back of your mail ballot }



( note: despite Her Blurt's GOP affiliation he is a nightmare for the 5th Judicial District and has almost 0% support in this district. His office has ruined many innocent lives including mine and in one of his worst cases jailed an innocent man for over 800 days. ENOUGH! )


Ron Paul is running as a Republican.

We need to participate in the GOP system, just as he is doing.

If offered Koo-laid, respectfully decline.

Don't be afraid of being co-opted. RP has cured our apathy and immunized us against an infection of statist ideologies.

This past Monday evening Ron Paul was well represented at a large GOP event and we picked up some independents at that meeting.

We need to go to these meetings, period the end.

Dr. Mike Vasovski
South Carolina Campaign Chairman, Ron Paul 2012
The SINGLE vote in the SC delegation for RP, GOP Convention, Tampa, FL
2010 Candidate, US Congress SC-03
Past Chairman, Aiken, SC County Tea Party

Dress nice

Image is everything. I know if you understand freedom and liberty you look at who the person is and not how they are dressed; but I'm not talking about us.

I am the chairman of AZ GOP in District 6 and would love to have more people to join the meetings who support Ron Paul. Many conservatives are on the fence and let's face it, most are sheeple. They would rather go along with a Cain if that is the majority of the room. However, when we have the numbers of people who are dressed nice, with good manners and a respect for others positions you will find people will start coming around. If people like you and trust you they will listen to you. But, if you come to the meeting and start yelling you don't know what the F__K you're talking about and passing out Freedom To Fascism they will turn you off. You can't teach someone years of information in one sitting. Bring up a couple of point and then let them talk. Don't control the conversation! We can win this thing. PS, I can as chairman appoint PC's and then appoint them to delegates in the state convention. So, have anyone in AZ contact me 480-688-8217.

In 2008 we had about 176 Ron Paul delegates at the state convention out of a total of about 1100 delegates. Ron Paul lost to McCain by only 4 votes. How is that possible? Because we formed alliances with people who hated McCan't more than they disliked Ron Paul. Ron Paul said we could take over the Republican Party in one or two election cycles....so let's do it.

Even if Ron Paul doesn't win, we all need to become Republicans and take it over so we have the best shot of supporting Rand Paul when the time comes.

Thanks for listening

"If you want to change government, you have to become government" Ron Paul

For Freedom!

Sorry, But I Don't Own A Suit And Tie That Fits.

But, thanks a lot for the Arizona information.

My current dress uniform is a kilt, to be worn at family wakes.
I strongly agree with Thomas Jefferson's and Ron Paul's messages of individuality, therefore I wear Ron Paul T-shirts at almost every event I attend.
Oh, and by the way, I live in rural Oregon where dressing up is not usually done, except by Jehovah's Witnesses, who refuse to vote for anyone.


absolutely rignt

Shirt and tie w/ RP button is the uniform of the day.

If you plan on speaking, also a coat.

Dr. Mike Vasovski
South Carolina Campaign Chairman, Ron Paul 2012
The SINGLE vote in the SC delegation for RP, GOP Convention, Tampa, FL
2010 Candidate, US Congress SC-03
Past Chairman, Aiken, SC County Tea Party

im 50/50

From my experiences its best to have to have the two or three solid folks in your group go. Its a small club.. with its own pecking order. The best way you can influence is by finding the right people to ally with and offer volunteer help for their cause.

Its all about first impressions.

Good luck... :)

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Just going is a learning experience and opportunity

You learn who everyone is, how things work, and network with people, you share your opinion and ideas, and you learn of opportunities and openings.

You have to do what you're comfortable with, but there's no better way to have an influence than actively participating, even if you just show up and talk with others.

donating time

Im heading up to NH to hold signs for Ron Paul for the primary. Holding in MA really doesnt get us much.

Who isn't for Liberty?

Idaho GOP Changing Rules To Block Ron Paul Momentum

Idaho GOP Changing Rules To Block Ron Paul Momentum

...the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee has decided to caucus by legislative districts — and that they'll send the bill for any expenses to the Idaho Republican Central Committee. The Elephants passed a motion to do so last night. Seems some were concerned that they've been given an unfunded mandate from the state committee, which opted for the caucus system instead of the traditional primary vote, that cost county committees nothing to set up. Insiders tell HucksOnline that the vote was a move to slow down the momentum of the organized Ron Paulers who are attempting to win Idaho for their standard bearer.


Screw the GOP!! This is the crap they pull over, and over and over again..

Don't shout, "screw the GOP."

Instead, quietly take over and restore it to our founding principles.

This was the plan, but those in charge always seem to foil our

efforts to do just that, restore the GOP..

Author of your citation recanted:

DFO at 12:14 p.m. Oct 26:

@ Reagan Repub re: "Who ever told your that it was a move to "slow down the momentum of the organized Ron Paulers " has no idea what they are talking about."

Thanks for that input. I pulled that part down.


That's a good video

I was a little curious about the British accent, but I suppose Robin must be a recent immigrant? Or does he support Ron Paul from the UK?

Maybe a dumb question...

but do you typically have to be registered GOP to do this? I am currently registered as unaffiliated - in NC you can be unaffiliated and still vote in the primary. I left the GOP after the Bush stimulus. The thought of registering as Republican doesn't appeal to me terribly but if it could help out Ron Paul I'd do it.

I Also Live in NC and...

in answer to your question, yes. You must be registered Republican to become "active" within the GOP. Understand that voter registrations are not checked at the door to attend meetings, but to become participants (delegates, etc.) you must be registered Republican. And, yes, your voter registeration will be verified once you become active in the party. Remember, anyone can access your voter registration information since this is public information.

The only way to turn the GOP is from the inside

No one in my family was involved in politics before the last election. We all became big Ron Paul supporters in 2007. After that election several of us decided to become active in local politics.

Over the past few years one of us was elected to our central committee, one to our city council, and another is on the local GOP board. Last year we championed a fringe GOP candidate who holds a lot of the same ideals as Ron Paul for state assembly. He won the election due to the efforts of a very well organized community support system.

The local GOP meetings are surprisingly very small. The people who run ours are anti-Ron Paul, but there are several people in the group who are supporters and our influence is growing. Many of the local republicans are now turning toward the same ideals as Ron Paul. The longer we stay around the more power we will gain. Get involved and do not give up.

reedr3v's picture

Way to go! Thanks for lighting the way


That's the key!

And while we're at it, we need a new board of directors (Congress). This one has been borrowing like drunken sailors ever since they created the Federal Reserve by Act in 1913.

$14 trillions in debt and a currency that has shrunk in purchasing power. In 100 years the dollar has been skimmed by the Federal Reserve System of 95 cents. A dollar today buys what a nickel did in 1913. However, the melt value of a 1913 silver dollar is $25 today.

Congress currently serves lobbyist because we allow our Representatives to get away with it. When the lobbyists on K Street vacate Washing DC, we will know that Congress is not doling out favors to special interests.

If you can win your District's election, then you will have the chance to help Dr. Paul.


Free includes debt-free!

And the same applies to Congress

I was one of 982 votes that helped elect Senator Mike Lee over the corrupt incumbent who had millions of campaign dollars from the counterfeiting bankers he voted to bail out.

In perspective, 982 is less than 0.0004 of the state population.

How did I gain that influence?

Simply showing up and participating.

Great points! You may enjoy my strategies I pointed out in...

Taking the 1st Step!

If you like that, you'll also like the Step 2.
Take care

ps. And please consider hitting the phone bank--(PFH)phone from home.

Phoning is even easier than going to meetings

No excuse for why anyone here should not be phoning...

Definitely the easiest way to support Ron Paul

Added into the topic also

Easiest and most efficient and most Targeted!!!

For example, when you do a sign wave, the crowd is not very targeted. Who knows if the onlookers are even registered voters, let alone registered republicans!??

Excellent posts!

I had seen the first, but not the second. I've added them both into the above topic.


For importance...