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Tomorrow, on Fox, Ron Paul should defend Birthers and Truthers

He should say that even though he hasn't studied these issues, and therefore has no definite opinion, there's nothing wrong with asking questions. Many of the people asking questions just want the government to disclose more information. And as the President, he should promise that he will make an executive order to be very friendly with Freedom of Information Request.
He should smile and say: "When I am the president, you'll finally know who killed John F. Kennedy!"

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He already defends us truthers by defending the Bill of Rights..

... and I know Dr. Paul knows about the conspiracies, after all he respects the original truthers, The John Birch Society. Dr. Paul is wise to play the game the way he does. I understand why he does it and it doesn't make me want to support him any less.

I don't need him to defend the truth movement I just need him to defend the Constitution and our right to free speech. No more. No less.


"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

This issue is DUMB and

This issue is DUMB and DEAD--for now!

Do you think anyone in D.C. cares??? If they did it would be the Monica Lewinsky of this decade but nobody gives a flying circus freak!

When Dr. Paul is President, he can investigate, but first get the man elected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why are ppl putting word in RP's mouth

he can think and talk for himself.

Certainly, but we can make suggestions,


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Do you not think he has enough to do

trying to rescue the entire globe from economic meltdown and the rapacious U.S. war empire, not to mention saving America from the ever-growing police state at home?

You handle the birthers and truthers, let RP handle the reality we face today, that voters will be influenced by in THIS election. Most of them do not CARE if Obama was born on Mars, they are not ready to embrace conspiracies at this point.

Not embracing, but defending their right to question

They are 40-60% of the voters who are Ron Paul material: they don't trust the media, they are suspicious of the government, they think for themselves, and they ask questions. They are not represented by any candidate. And Ron Paul can't say a friendly word about them? For God's sake, he found friendly words even for the occupiers.

Not worth it, IMO

If Dr. Paul does that, he'll go right back to the "kook" stage just like that.

He may win over a *few* neocons with the whole birther thing, but defending truthers will nullify that and turn them off to Paul completely, not to mention mainstream voters in general. Besides, he has already said that he thinks a new 9/11 investigation should be allowed.

Those two issues are beyond the third rail, they're political kryptonite.

One step at a time.

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It is risky

and the media will be screaming.
On the other hand, it is the truth, right? There's no way RP completely believes the official version. Of all the people, Ron Paul does encourage independent thinking, search for the truth, and asking questions.
Also, Bachmann got a boost and Trump went to 25% by discussing the birth certificate. When the media attacks him, people will follow him.
What country do we live in, that we can't ask a question and even Ron Paul can't say anything about it?
This also will give him a chance to speak about openness of his administration. For some unknown reason to me he was silent on that even though it is his issue, and it is his winning issue, He's the only one there who is not own by anybody. So he can release all kinds of documents. That should be fascinating to many voters. A big part of Obama attraction in '08 was his promise to have an open government.

Conspiracies exist because

Conspiracies exist because the citizens believe they are being lied to. If the government has lost the faith of the citizenry than we have a bigger problem than birthers and truthers

I don't want

Ron Paul anywhere near the birthers and truthers. That's political suicide. He should deny any birther or truther stuff. We need to get him elected.