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Possibly Martin Armstrongs best written essay ever. must read

I would sooner prefer death to a life of such misery ruled by bureaucrats that feel a need to control what you even think. "Martin Armstrong"

This has to be the best work of Martin Armstrong. The wisdom of this man is astounding. This is a must read.


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Much too lengthy a write up, and much too much

an advertisement for his seminar.

I can boil it down to just a few paragraphs.

Government is now and was for most of history the mechanism of enslaving the many for the benefit of the few. Those in power finally plunder and control to such an extent that the system becomes intolerable for even the most compliant among us, and for a short while freedom might be fought for and won to replace slavery, until government grows and perfects the enslavement of humanity again.

The pattern repeats, whether it is Kings, Queens, Tsars, Emperors, or elected government officials (rulers). The only difference is that when the rulers are elected, the public holds the delusion that they are free; they can vote after all. It is pure delusion to think that government protects freedom; it is people who are willing to fight and die who protect freedom, and that has not happened in the US for a long time.

I support Dr. Paul and his efforts to restore freedom, but I know deep down that those in power won't let that happen peacefully. If he ever becomes more than a slight nuisance that he now is, he will be destroyed.

The only way freedom is going to come is for the present system to collapse and if we are lucky, out of the inevitable violence that follows that freedom will be won. Ron Paul points out that freedom is popular, but the sad commentary is that slavery is popular among those in power who reap the rewards from subjugating the majority.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.


It would be good to have someone get in there and see what is going on.


We need NOT look at a

We need NOT look at a mythical SUPER-ENTITY. It is FAR WORSE than that. If you just look at the enforcement actions by the US Government, it becomes very clear. They will imprison individuals for decades or life to pretend they are doing something. When it comes to the big banking institutions, the SEC prosecutes them civilly, NEVER any individuals. The Investment Banks all just pay a fine of a few hundred million that the SEC gets to keep, and there is NEVER a public hearing about anything. These are payments to the SEC to go away, which they happily take and then brag how they fined the banks. It is all a huge joke and then comes the next scandal and the same thing happens. Look at Madoff. He pled guilty preventing a trial, which the banks all claim they had no idea. What happened to the KNOW YOU CLIENT laws where banks MUST trace every penny and verify the money is not from a crime. We have about 240 employees. Madoff had less than a dozen with $60 billion. There was no business. When I did an interview with the NY Post that they never published, I was asked a question about the illegal trading in our accounts by Republic National Bank. I was asked – “Was Republic laundering money for the Russian Mafia and the Columbian drug cartel in your accounts as they were doing with Madoff?” I replied I had no idea. The journalist knew something about the banks and Madoff that has never been published. Do you really think Bloomberg News would report that if they knew the story?


where did you 'copy and paste' this particular post from?

You don't even provide the link!

Obviously not your words ... no misspellings ... LOL !

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Read p. 14 of the post. Before you attack someone, ...

first use your analytical abilities.

Why are you so quick to attack SIERRA? Take a breather from these attacks, please.


As you probably well know, when I posted my comment there was no link, as mentioned in my comment.
Some editing and adding a link, after a comment, changes the complexion somewhat, doesn't it!

Great post, I really like Armstrong,

just saw the movie "Margin Call", wow, that helped in explaining what happened with Lehman Brothers.

"Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten."
— G.K. Chesterton