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Candidate Ron Paul and His Message are Being Systematically Ignored by the Media, Right and Left

Letter: Ron Paul’s message, successes buried by bias through media
Oct. 25, 2011

Has anyone noticed a disturbing trend in media coverage of Republicans? Candidate Ron Paul and his message are being systematically ignored by the media, right and left. He almost always polls in the top 3 or 4 candidates statewide and nationally.

Every month, a new face is leading the pack — Palin, then Trump, Bachmann, Romney, Perry, and now Cain. Not only did Ron Paul win the California straw poll held in September with 45 percent of the vote, but he just won the Value Voters Straw Poll held in Washington, D.C. with 37 percent of the vote over Cain’s 23 percent and Romney’s 4 percent.

The Value Voters Poll is conducted by conservative Christians. Family Research Council President Tony Perkins quickly dismissed the results of his own survey, insisting Herman Cain was the real winner. CBS News tried to discredit Ron Paul, reporting a fix was in.

The straw poll that received the most coverage was in Florida with Cain’s victory. From August to October Cain support skyrocketed while Ron Paul plummeted. Why? Media coverage. The media is controlling this election process, not the people.

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