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Ron Paul Interviewed by News 4 KRNV Reno 10/25/'11

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Fantastic interview!

This "series" being done by this station owner is unbelievable!

One post down below has the Wikipedia link for Jim and it was veeeeeery interesting to read of this guy's wealth and influence. Not a bad ally for Ron to have...;-)

More interviews like this!

Those willing to do fair interviews should be preferred, even if they are local.

I wonder what would happen if Ron Paul started refusing to do interviews with any disrespectful interviewers on mainstream media? Would that make them seek him out even more?

It seemed to work with Hannity, whether intentional or not.


Great Interview and yes the Station Owner should definitely be thanked for the air time and for allowing Dr. Paul to just speak at his own pace without interruption.

I hope tomorrow night's interview on Ron's military service will be widely circulated.

This segment could definitely be helpful in supporting the November 11th Money Bomb!!!!

Remember Nevadans

Come march in the Ron Paul entry in the Nevada Day Parade this Saturday.

Send an e-mail to nvrp2012-list@meetup.com
to get info.

I've said this recently

and I'll repeat it. I'm really seeing him lately as much more relaxed. Easily getting his points across with confidence.

He's doing a great job.

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Everyone should send this clip

to the MSM puppets as an example of what real journalism looks like. You ask a quick unbiased question and allow the person being interviewed time to answer the question!!! You are suppose to give the person being questioned the majority of the speaking time... Journalism 101

This is how Dr. Paul needs to

This is how Dr. Paul needs to talk in the debates and on other interviews: clear, cool, calm, and collected!

When one speeds up, it doesn't work out as well.

The station owner is the

The station owner is the gentleman doing the interview? That is very interesting to me. He seems humbled by Ron's presence, and you know that dude has some serious cheese. That being said, surely you know what kind of person he is, and I hope we can expect a lot more from this man. Who woulda thunk it?

Yes, the owner of the station is giving him the airtime

This is a VERY impressive and bold move for an NBC affiliate to give Ron Paul a sit down interview SERIES with the owner of the company. I've worked in news and have never seen anything like this.

Out of curiosity, I did some research on Jim Rogers and discovered he has quite an impressive resume. Time magazine recently named him one of the top 12 philanthropists in the United States. He also owns about a dozen NBC stations across the sunbelt:

Here is his wikipedia page:

Luckily for us, Mr. Rogers seems to be a big fan of Dr. Paul and the cause for liberty. I am grateful to have him on our side, and sent an email to his news staff to express some gratitude:

Mary Beth Sewald, KNRV General Manager: msewald@MyNews4.com

Matt McConico, KNRV News Director: mmcconico@MyNews4.com

"Dear Ms. Sewald and Mr. McConico,

Please pass along a big thank you to the owner of your news affiliate, Mr. Jim Rogers, for airing the thoughtful interview with Congressman Ron Paul. My family watched the first installment and we look forward to viewing the rest of the series. We are very appreciative of the airtime that Mr Rogers is providing to Dr. Paul.

With Gratitude,


One of the top 12

One of the top 12 philanthropists, eh?

Thank you for the further information

It's been forwarded along with the video. I think it helps to mention that the interviewer is the station owner and include a link to Wikipedia.

This is a great introductory video to Dr. Paul.

It is great to hear about his journey through a love of economics into politics.

Thanks for posting.

Fantastic Interview

I have been following the Ron Paul campaigns for years and this is one of his best interviews I have seen. I love how he explains his motiations of what got him into politics.

This makes me happy to be from Reno!

Good interview and glad that local news cared enough to do a story and full video interview. I have since moved and am sad to say that living in Ohio now, Ron Paul's win at our Straw Poll was not picked up by most outlets and wasn't given much attention. WTG Reno. Thank you for stepping up.

Excellent interview. Great to

Excellent interview. Great to help people understand his policies.

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his eyes. I know a lot of people thought he was getting light shined in his eyes during his interview last weekend. This is a Paul quirk...he does it here too. Good interview

Lol, i think the interviewer asked about 2 questions in 8 minutes.

Best video ever

This might be his most endearing, best worded, most appealing interview yet. He comes across as humble, sensible, caring, well read, respectful, and accessible! Take that Herman "Real Deal" Cain!

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I totally agree

Ben perfectly said.

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Wow. A series! He has some

Wow. A series! He has some friends, there! Terrific.


The anchor says they will continue with a series of interviews with Ron Paul.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

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Next program: on Ron's relationship with military!

Can't wait to listen to it and share with our friends in the military.

nice interview

It's always good when he gets time to answer questions fully.

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