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Journalism, and bypassing the MSM with local and student journalists.

According to Barry Snell's interview, Dr. Paul encourages people to study journalism:

"In all seriousness, I always encourage people to go into journalism. It's an honorable profession, and we need people to tell us what's going on and help keep the government honest."


How many journalism students and active journalists do we have supporting Ron Paul? We should contact and encourage journalism students to read Barry's series on Ron Paul, and interview/write their own articles. I'm sure most will be very excited to do so.

We have to act now, though. It takes time to get the message out, but if we have students writing in local papers, and other local journalists writing about Dr. Paul, people will get much more exposure to him and his ideas.

Let's bypass the MSM, and get straight to the local journalists.


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I decided to become "new media" about a year ago.

My style is not much appreciated at the DP, but I am getting a small following. I don't try to "go get the story" I try to relate the story unfolding before me. When a new round of "BOOGA BOOGA" gets started, I try to find a positive perspective to offer. We usually shoot from a hot spring, try to give people a little positive imagery while giving them some often hard to hear truths.
I started it to talk about "Jubilee." When I realized how bad the "private property" records in this nation had become I realized that people needed to be ready to do something seriously drastic when the big land grab finally comes. It was what was in my face, since I was trying to get a peek at my own records and having no luck at all. So, I decided to tell my story to a camera and OFFER A SOLUTION to the problem.
I really encourage people to be "new media." Some will be like Luke and be out front, in the face of corruption. Some can be housewives teaching how to make jelly. My "gear" is a camera that cost me about $100 that is held together with a rubber band and a tripod with a broken leg... My cameraman is my husband, and we have a lot of fun and I think we are even doing a little good. Not like Luke, but I don't think we want the new media to be as homogenous as the old, do we?
Grab a camera, paint on a smile and tell your story!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.