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Exclusive -Pat Buchanan-You Can Never Go Home (Mike Church Show)

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike: Pat, at the end of one of your most recent columns you write with great pain, I think, if I read between the lines correctly, about we have already seceded amongst ourselves. “The secession of the heart” is, I believe, how you put it. And I received mail. I responded that, you know, Pat, under the old Constitution, before the Civil War, the War of Northern Aggression here, the states and the people in the states basically were seceded. A state of Louisiana acted far more like France or Spain in relation to the other states and to the United States than it acts today as an agent or as a franchise of Washington, D.C. Am I wrong?

Pat Buchanan: Well, you know, you’re right. Before the Civil War the United States was a plural noun. It became a singular noun after the Civil War. But in terms of secession, you’re right. I was speaking of a secession of the heart, of people from one another, just, if you will, like people leaving a family and saying I’m never going home again. And I think that is a sad thing, but I think it is clearly occurring. As for the other kind of secession, Mike, two of my ancestors were Mississippi, the Baldwins and the Buchanans, and they helped lead that cause down there. And one of them wound up dead at Vicksburg, and the other was in a Yankee prison, so we’re not trying that one again [laughter].

Mike: Now, are you any distant relation to President Buchanan?

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Pat Buchanan: He was a bachelor, and that’s an insult.

Mike: Oh. Well, there goes my presidential history out the window there.

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