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Surprise! Power Outsiders Don't Like Ron Paul. -HuffPo

Blumenthal - one of the HuffPo staff - published poll results this morning concerning the view of Ron Paul from "Power Outsiders"....activists, investment bankers, GOP 'presidents' of all kinds of organizations, and the occasional state representative.

To use the terms "one-sided" and "slanted" to describe their methodology and results would, well, be a slight on those terms...but I'll let you read for yourself.


Also, I want to point out that this same type of group was used at the first CNN debate when Ron Paul clearly won the online poll (that CNN touted) but then they ignored it for some 30 "insiders."

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"Romney Leadership volunteer"
"Romney Supporter"
"Romney Town Chair"
"Romney Supporter"
"Santorum Supporter"

how does supporting one candidate over others qualify you to be in a poll labeled "insiders" or "outsiders" Gee, I wonder what they said about Paul.

Not to mention, "IT Services," "Sales Manager," "Investor," "Owner," etc, etc...

How does working in IT Services mean anything?

Wonderful methodology. MAKES PERFECT SENSE.

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Very Telling List

at the end of the article. I'm from Iowa and as a result of our guys run in 2008, there are a bunch of RP delegates in county GOP committees. Most of these people were not polled, but you can bet that we are active, and we are bringing our friends to the party come January 3rd!

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*mind blown*

Here is a real gem of an

Here is a real gem of an article. Someone trying to tie it to Ron Paul in the comments section:


that's a gem?

The author sounds like an extreme pro-gov ideologue. They lament that Congress today wouldn't produce the Medicare act due to the awful Republican contingent, and shake their heads at the "government is the problem" rhetoric of the GOP (Reagan, et al). I could go on, but I had to stop reading it. The GOP is certainly better off without that person.

Now if we could get them to move to France....

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.


I doubt they even vote.


Some of the people they listed from this poll have the title "Romney Supporter". Sounds to me like they got this list from one of the campaigns.

These county GOP types

are planning on Herman Cain with Newt as VP.

It is important to expose Newt's CFR background.

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soldiers and "We the People" DO like Ron Paul!!

If Ron Paul was the Republican nominee, he would beat President Obama 51% to 49%.

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No he wouldn't...

He'd completely kick his ass and he will win by the most massive landslide in US History. You've simply gotta get away from those polling companies numbers. They are all crap. I've been at this RP thing for 6 years now and I see incredibly massive change going on and I am telling you, in no uncertain terms, what is being reported is a lie.

Ron Paul will be the next President.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?


preaching to the choir, hon! I hate polls, don't trust them and frequently cite that fact. However, the author APPEARS to believe in polls, since the whole article is one big poll (or he may have another agenda). Specifically, my poll link was in response to this part of the article:
"...Electability is by far their biggest concern about Paul. Just 21 percent describe him as someone who can beat President Obama in the general election, while 78 percent have doubts...." (The poll link I provided has Paul beating Obama).
Anyway, I've been around for a few years myself, and have also seen big changes and am aware of the lies. I, too, believe Ron Paul will be the next POTUS!

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Ron Paul 2012...and beyond



reminds me of the California Straw Poll President Paul chant!

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Wait...If those are "outsiders"

Then just who are the INSIDERS?

Also, just like last time when they pinned their hopes on McSame, the "experts" are exactly WRONG about who has any chance to beat President Obama. It shouldn't surprise me, but this level of cluelessness in the political class always comes as a shock, for some reason. Oh well. I should be used to wrong "experts" by now.




no kidding... no story... same old status quo crud.

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Hit piece.

But I had fun in the comments section.

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You mean people who know how

You mean people who know how to game the system don't like Ron Paul?!


but it stopped being entertaining a long time ago.

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I personally don't find these socialist pieces of crap funny one bit when their ideas are thieving my liberty and spitting on the Founders of this nation.

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