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Polls: not for us but for PR strategists

When looking at the polls at e.g. http://www.gallup.com/poll/election.aspx one can see that the candidates are not far from each other in terms of "favorability" and "unfavorability" (see Positive Intensity Score in the gallup table).

I don't know if "ballot support" is based on reality or just on interpretation of the favorability data by the polling institute. I strongly suspect it is based on esoteric calculations, and each pollster uses similar calculations. I think it is mainly about recognition and image. Cain is just "the new guy" and the media did not yet report much negative stuff about him. Therefore he has currently a high Positive Intensity Score and thus polling rate.

Anyway, polling data are only valuable for the campaign to extract what strategy they need to use. We better leave that to the PR experts.

In order to get Ron Paul nominated I suggest we completely ignore all polls and just keep doing this (in order of importance):

1. become GOP delegates for Ron Paul
2. become GOP delegates for Mitt and Cain
3. donate to the RP campaign
4. donate to RevolutionPAC
5. hire a PR company (or use their tricks) to influence the media spiel
6. canvass to Republican voters in early states (Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina) - the other Republican voters in later states will vote for whoever emerges in the early states, so no need to canvass them

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