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Ron Paul Trending Number 1 On Yahoo Right Now? Top Two Stories that Show up Aren't Good. (Now they took him off completely!)

So I am on Yahoo and I was really excited to see our boi Ron Paul trending at number one. Then I clicked on his name and the first two stories are both hit pieces.

One about RP spending 1 Million on chartered flights.

And one flat out saying he can't win.

I hate this so damn much. Why are we fighting for these people? Why are we fighting for freedom for these government loving, socialistic, warmongering Americans? They have borrowed and spent my future (I'm 24) on stupid imported toys from around the world. Is there a soul in here that doesn't believe that Americans DESERVE to suffer an economic collapse? We are going to have to go through a ton of pain and oppression to appreciate freedom again. Why don't we just buy gold, silver, and supplies, wait for the collapse, and come out being Lords over being serfs?

I guess I am just ranting cause I'm frusterated. I guess I will keep giving $20.12 every week until hyperinflation gets here...

And as I'm writing this, Ron Paul went from trending #1 to off the board.

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I was going to leave a comment

but didn't want to jump through the "identity" hoops at yahoo...how about the fact that flying this way means he doesn't have to get groped by TSA goons every day...


Its all propaganda. The title is "Ron Paul Spends 1 Mil on

Chartered Flights"

- They make sure to use the word spends in the title to associate him with big spending and hypocracy.

- They make sure to use charted flights in order to portray him as an elitist or wealthy.

- And they don't mention that this comes from his CAMPAGIN CONTRIBUTIONS. They make it seems like it comes from tax payers money.

Sometimes, I'm glad my fellow Americans are screwed. They certainly deserve it...

"A living Constitution is a dead one" -Ron Paul

Preaching to the choir:

I'm sure many have the same feelings at times. Days of frustration and despair about it all. I know I have. Take a deep breath and just make sure you are doing all that you can and keep up the good fight. Somewhere in there will be times of success even if only a small level.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government