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November 12 Foreign Policy Debate in Spartanburg, SC

There will be a debate on November 12 at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC.

The debate will focus primarily on national security and foreign policy. It is very important that our supporters attend this debate.

I emailed the South Carolina GOP and they said that tickets are currently being given to members of their Silver Elephant Club. If you are a member or would like to join the club, please contact Hope Walker at 803-988-8440 or hope[@]scgop.com.

To join the Silver Elephant Club, you must contribute at least $10 a month to the SC GOP. They don't say how many months you need to contribute.

For non-members, tickets will be given on a first come first serve basis beginning next week (10/31).

You can find more information about the debate here:

EDIT: It seems like you can now request tickets from the South Carolina GOP here: http://www.scgop.com/DEBATE/

I don't know if this will guarantee you tickets but fill out the form if you're interested in attending.

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Anyone can request tickets now

from the South Carolina GOP website here:



We all know Dr. Paul will wipe the floor with the rest of em, but a hostile (AKA Neocon) crowd would be bad for perception. Let's go SC freedom lovers!!

I think

we need to somehow be really getting Paul's message out about his foreign policy in SC so that people can better understand it when he talks about it. I say this because it is so different from what GOP is used to hearing.

saw it here yesterday


thanks for the reminder and the info about the tix (I'm way too far to attend)

why activist posts like this one are not supported?

Thank you for posting.

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We need supporters to

attend this crucial debate. It is focused on national security and foreign policy. It will be televised on CBS (not cable) so we're going to need the audience on our side.