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Campaigning for Ron Paul at Berea College

Campaigning for Ron Paul at Berea College:


We thought we'd hit the streets and do some campaigning for Ron Paul in Berea College, Kentucky.


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Berea will be a tough nut to

Berea will be a tough nut to crack, no doubt. More so than most schools. Don't give up though. Press the issues the students there will like...industrial hemp, end the drug war, raw milk, foreign policy.

Have a meeting. Just pick a time and place, make flyers and put them wherever you can. Check on meetup for others in your area too. I know a couple of supporters in Berea. There have to be more.


Way to go! I live near Berea in the Red River Gorge. Berea is an amazing school where NO student pays. They work at the college while they are there. I have always been impressed by the students and the faculty at that school.

From Wiki: In order to support its extensive scholarship program, Berea College has one of the largest financial reserves of any American college when measured on a per-student basis. The endowment stands at $950 million, down from its 2007 height of $1.1 billion.[2] The base of Berea College's finances is dependent on substantial contributions from individuals, foundations, corporations that support the mission of the college and donations from alumni. A solid investment strategy increased the endowment from $150 million in 1985 to its current amount.[14]

Just goes to show there are ways to educate those who want an education without taking money from the government. Berea is a perfect place to spread the good word!

So you go to a college...

named after the ex-head of the soviet secret police?

Just kidding...ummm...no I'm not.

I hate colleges for the propaganda factories for dolts that they are. "Come on man...he's a Republican..." Jeez.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

I think that Berea was named after

the people that Paul was commending in the Bible, for comparing scripture with scripture. The Bereans.

I am having a Sgt. Schultz moment...

as to anything biblical...but I was kidding about Beria

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Berea College was founded in 1855

Berea College was actually the first racially integrated school in the south, and has a great history of promoting individual liberty. Today, unfortunately, it is largely controlled by leftists, Marxists, and socialists who dismiss private industry and classic liberalism (which the college was founded upon). Andrew Carnegie actually donated $500,000 to Berea after Kentucky passed the Day Law, which prevented institutions from providing education for blacks and whites together.

We're trying to bring Berea back to its roots in liberty. :-)

I am a white graduate of Morgan State University...

Good education (as institutional educations go), Summa Cum Laude Certificate...free tuition and books because I am white, but worthless as all hell as the years rolled by since...not because it is a traditionally Black school, but because I learned nothing but crap in all of the schools I have ever attended. That which has made me rich has come from my after school studies, investigations and investments.

Good luck with your studies and employment afterward. Never turn on the TV for more than 60 minutes a day and preferably as background while cooking dinner. Never stop reading, learning, and above all...questioning.

Thanks for standing out there and workin' it. You are my kinda dudes.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

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Thank you.

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