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Is it possible to get people to see the big picture?

I just received an e-mail from a friend who complained about unfair traffic tickets being dispensed by a traffic camera set to prove a lie. As a photographer I can assure you cameras can create a reality that is far different from the truth. Unfortunately, in some instances, a picture is worth a thousand words. Considering inflation, brought to us by the Federal Reserve, make that a hundred words.

Good people all across the nation fight the absurdity of abusive self-serving government on an individual basis and on a daily basis but the abuses, as government requires more and more money to support its addiction, increase. While fighting these abuses individually is in no way a waste of time we could be missing the bigger picture. We have to change the political leadership that gives either outright support or tacit approval to corruption. Let's give honesty a chance from the top down. Let's elect the most honest politician we know to the presidency for real change.

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I disagree on at least one point

We have to change the people's minds first before politicians will get on board.

People have been willing to trade a false sense of security for their freedoms. Until that changes, the politicians will continue to walk over us.

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