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Ron Paul's budget plan is the only serious plan

Rick Perry has rolled out his plan to balance the budget should he be elected President. According to ABC News radio, Rick said in his press conference Tuesday out of all the "serious plans" given by the other candidates, his was the best.

No doubt this was a band handed shot at Ron Paul's plan, which cuts $1 trillion of Federal Government spending in the first year and balances the budget in the third year.

Perry's plan balances the yearly federal budget by 2020 and institutes a 20% flat income tax on all Americans. I will focus more on the philosophy this endorses rather than the actual details of the budget.

As usual, Ron Paul was correct when he pointed out to Neil Cavuto that this is merely a pipe dream. The only thing that matters to any President's plan is what he can do in four years, because being elected President guarantees only that amount of time in office. According to Rick's logic, he will be elected president, institute his plan, then he will inch toward a balanced budget by cutting $91.83 billion (our current yearly deficit $1.102 trillion divided by 12 years) a year. Then, he will be re-elected over any challengers, continuing to keep the same plan in place. After his two-term presidency is over, another candidate will be elected sharing his plan and will continue this exact plan for another four years.

Has anyone ever seen our Federal Government cut a budget for 12 consecutive years? Has anyone ever seen this Federal Government cut the budget two years in a row? Has anyone ever seen this Federal Government really cut spending in the past 30 years? (By that I mean cut spending, not cut increases to spending) The answer is most undoubtedly, no.

Rick Perry said of all the serious plans his is the best. What would a man with such a consistent and respectable political career consider a serious plan? A plan that can actually be achieved or a plan that has about as much of a chance to achieve its stated goals as the Baltimore Orioles have to win the World Series this year?

As far as I see it, there is only one serious plan out of all the Republican plans released so far, and that is the one that balances the budget in one presidential term and that is Ron Paul's, which should surprise no one. Paul always says what he means and does what he says. He will not insult the American people and make promises that he cannot keep. Paul makes the only actual attempt at cutting spending, reigning in our empire, giving young people the chance to earn an income, keep it and do with it as they see fit while returning our Federal Government to the size and scope envisioned by the Founders.

Just as Rick Perry's attacks on Mitt Romney's lawn keeping practices at the last debate, his comments and his plan are laughable at best. While a lot of Americans who don't know how to turn off FoxNews believe Perry’s Texas swagger makes him the most conservative candidate, the true conservative choice for anyone who cares to do any research of their own remains clear. A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for our Republic, for our Constitution, and for our future.