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General Election Billion Dollar Bomb

we need a billion dollar pledge bomb for the general election.

It is in the spirit of "NO SPECIAL INTERESTS". Can you imagine the power of proof that Ron Paul will be able to compete with Obama's fundraising machine... even beat it? Obama wants to raise a billion dollars through big donors. Ron Paul can trump that if we get the ball rolling. We certainly can get 500,000 to:
"pledge their max donation to Ron Paul if he wins the nomination".

A side thought is that we start at a billion dollars and divide it among the pledges.

A reverse pledge:

The first pledge is for a billion, second lowers it to 500MM a peice, ect. until they all become official at 500,000 persons. Then it really lowers the pledge amount requested.

500k pledges = $2,000 each
1M pledges = $1,000 each
2MM pledges = $500 each
10MM pledges = $100 each

The more we get to pledge "in the spirit of eliminating special interests" in the Ron Paul Presidency... the less we each have to pay.

There can certainly be some fun with 'receipts' for those initial pledges:
"thank you for pledging 1 billion dollars to the Ron Paul general election campaign! (Regretfully, we can only take donations up to your maximum allowable under the law.) We look forward to your actual donation on the evening of the Republican Convention! - Ron Paul ...or something similar.