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Article Bomb for the Revolution

Do you want to know what you can do for the Revolution, sons and daughters of liberty? Article Bomb! We need to become the media and spread this as far and wide as possible with the footnote* below attached. This article was posted already but this time it is coming with instructions so it can become viral + . Make this journalist famous, you guys.

Post the ENTIRE article with the journalists name and the paper it came from so they can't chose whether or not to open it... make sure the url at the bottom

Ron Paul, the only one standing up against Obama and his power grab, defending the constitution and your liberty.


Post the article to...
any comment or discussion page you are on
Contact Meet-up groups, or Ron Paul groups and supporters to do the same
email friends and family
Iowa, NH, Nevada, South Carolina this is most important for you ...
Send letter to the editor or buy a spot in the paper to as many as you can find in your local area.
post it where ever you can.

So far, whether unpopular or not, the good Dr. is the only one brave enough to challenge Obama as he has been the only one to speak out on these injustices. Now it's our turn to help him get the word out.

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