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write in?

Does anyone know how this works? I hear this mentioned a lot, but is this actually an option in all 50 states? I don't recall seeing a way to do that on the electronic voting machines since you are pushing a touchscreen.

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If your write-in candidate is NOT registered to run as a write in then it is a 100% waste if you write them in as the VOTE WILL *NOT* BE COUNTED.

So, if you really want to write someone in and you care as much as you claim to, you will get your write-in candidate registered in your state.

I'd suggest

Doing a Google search with these words or similar to see what you can find about your particular states rules.

write in ron paul "State Name"

Some say write-in's are a wasted vote but if you like your guy or gal then that's who you should vote for. A vote for anyone else is a vote for second best and to me that goes against my principles. Even if it means they'll be thrown in the trash in that state.

When some of these other "liberty minded" candidates can show me through political actions that they deserve to run then I'll consider them but not this go round. It belongs to Dr.Paul and only him no matter what.

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Why? Are you going to write in gary johnson?

Personally, I am just going to push the button that says RON PAUL. ;)

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sorry to be pessimistic

but just in case

In illinois

I can only tell you how it works in Illinois. Basically you can not write in a candidate that has been involved in the primaries and lost. So over here, writing RP in would amount to nothing other than a symbolic protest vote.

In Georgia

Q: How do I cast a write-in vote?

A: Just as with older systems, the new electronic voting units allow voters to cast votes for write in candidates.

To vote for a write-in candidate, under the appropriate race touch the box marked Write In. A keyboard is then displayed on the screen. Simply type in the name of the candidate. When you are done, touch the box marked Record Write In. Your choice will then appear under the race.

Voters should note, however, that, under Georgia law, write in votes are only counted and compiled for those candidates who have filed an official notice of their write in candidacy.