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Nevadans & Northern Californians, Ron Paul Needs YOU, This Saturday!!!

Nevada was admitted to the Union on Oct. 31, 1865, and every year there is a HUGE Nevada Day Parade in Carson City. This year, the parade is this Saturday & we have a Ron Paul entry in it. We need EVERYONE who is able, to march in this parade wearing their Ron Paul shirts & carrying Ron Paul signs. Steve Dore is coming & will be on a float singing his Ron Paul songs:

After the parade, there will be a picnic at Fuji Park where Steve will continue to entertain.

Romney is also having an entry in the parade, & we just HAVE TO HAVE a BIGGER, COOLER ENTRY!!!!

To sign-up, or get more info, shoot an e-mail to this address:

Nevada Day is always a lot of FUN! The parade is awesome, usually 3 hrs long, and there are a myriad of great contests, exhibits and bar crawls. The weather is going to be perfect, and Carson City is beautiful with all the fall color & Victorian homes decorated for Halloween.

If you're in California, come on over & have a wonderful mini-vacation. The hotels are cheap, or one of us can put you up. If you're from the rurals of Nevada, the same goes.
JUST COME and march for Ron Paul in the parade!!!

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How was the Parade/Picnic

Would very much appreciate an update on the event and some photos, when available. Couldn't be there, just finished chemotherapy, but I sure wanted to be! Thanks!

I like what Paulette posted about the Vets

and military were invited to this event. We need to support and call for all the early states. Please donate 1-4 hours per week OFF the dailypaul and CALL FOR Paul!!

Freedom is such a good thing

I wonder when they willstart taking things like this away.

No, I haven't

posted this down south anywhere. If any of you can help get the word out, please do!

And, keep this bumped through Friday!!

email me if you need emails for S. NV

I was thinking you were on their meetups (I'm on there but 9 hrs away from LV).

You might want to post this as a meetup cuggestion today!

I mightsee what I cn do, but to get it up you have to have 3 people say they will attend


That sounds great! I will be deer hunting half way between there and home (in Nor Cal) and I just might be able to make it. Nothing like the back side off the Sierras in the fall... and to be surrounded by fellow libery lovers would be icing on the weekend cake!



Please keep this bumped!

Please Come!

wish I could make it but I'm 4+ hrs away

looking to help out closer to caucus time.

I am sure they will have a bucket for donations to

help pay for the gas, etc...plus I hear it is free food and concert!


The Burners from Burning Man always have a FANTASTIC entry in this parade. It's a really good one & we will be able to bring the Ron Paul msg to at least 15,000 people!

Now, you wouldn't want to miss that, would you????

Thought I would ad this information here

Please volunteer at the office or at the bottom is a place to volunteer from home. We need to be fully organized to get Ron Paul in the Whitehouse and then we need to be organized afterward to help him do all we need him to. Please share this post with other supporters! Thank you for your continued support of Ron and Carol Paul. Volunteer, donate, call, change to Republican Party, and pray.

The Reno office is located at:
1201 Terminal Way
on the SW corner of Terminal & Vassar
Suite #224 (upstairs)

The office phone number is:
(775) 538-2780

The hours will usually be:
Mon. - Fri., 12pm - 8pm
Sat., 12pm - 4pm

Ron Paul Campaign HQ Las Vegas Office

The campaign needs us! Come into the office at least once per week, if not more, for at least one hour, if not several! Snacks and drinks are provided, we are working on a weekly gas card giveaway and pizza nights, too!
19 S. Stephanie St. Suite 110, Henderson, NV
M-F 12-9 and Saturday 12-5

Volunteer from home http://phone.ronpaul2012.com/v/faq.php. For any other questions, please call Volunteer HQ at (703) 398-1316.

One Hour For Liberty: http://ronpaulnevada.wufoo.com/forms/one-hour-for-liberty/

Sounds like

fun! Shared on Twitter...

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

I hope more and more

freedom and constitutionalist come out for this, than WallStreet Corporate Elite lovers do.I looked it up and I saw 73 degrees and very sunny on that day.

Great Basin Parade

Rockin' for Ron Paul!