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How I get the word out about Ron Paul

Each day on Facebook I post a "Did you know". So, today's post was:

"Did you know that when Ron Paul was a practicing OB/GYN, he saw ALL medicare and medicaid patients for FREE and did not take ONE PENNY of federal funds to do so? That means doctors visits, deliveries and surgeries were performed for free. There IS a way do live without the government taking care of us cradle to grave. Say what you will about RP, but the man practices what he preaches. How often do you see that in politics?"

I have found that these short snippets about the good Dr. are very effective at planting small seeds in the minds of my friends. I have had several people who I would not consider to be RP supporters thank me for the information, and I feel that some are starting to really give him some thought.

How about you? What unique ways do you get the word out?

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Passing along a DVD works well, too.

The "Ron Paul 2012" DVD is being shipped ever day. Please, pass them along to friends and family for just a dollar or two each.


DollarDVDProjectLiberty.com needs patriot activists to distribute DVDs.
Do your friends and family know what you know?