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Obama Taps Taxpayers For Student Stimulus

A more modest program already in place has been a bit of a bust with only 1.25 percent of debtors signing up, likely because of the unpleasant notion of additional paperwork and government reporting hassles. But by sweetening the deal and putting a big PR push behind it, Obama is betting that he can get people spending in time to help shore up his re-election chances.

The best part for Obama is that he can obligate the Treasury without Congressional approval thanks to the passage of what he described as a cost-saving measure in 2009.


O'bailout's scruples are officially out the window.

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This is code for buying votes at

This is code for buying votes at the expense of us tax payers.

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"Invest only in things that you can stand in front of and pr

Remember the bogus $1.5 trillion

We "owe" to our own central bank? Why don't we make a deal. Use half of that to pay off student loans, the other half goes toward paying off the debt simply by erasing it. Think the establishment liberals really care? Let's put their donors money where their mouth is!

Not to mention the equally

Not to mention the equally "bogus" $10-or so trillion "we" owe all kinds of other people. Exactly none of whom can do a darned thing about it if "we" don't pay.