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Occupy Wall Street: The Most Interesting Occupier

I wanted to share a video i made. I attended Occupy Wall Street in Los Angeles believe it or not there were many Ron Paul people there. I made this video about The Most Interesting Occupier. It's not really Ron Paul related but I hope you like it.


Warning Contains Some Bad Language!


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A North American zone from Alaska to Argentina with no sovereign borders, a unified currency (the Amero)? all wealth distributed so everyone gets an endless laundry list of free creature comforts ... this guy is preaching exactly what all the radical LA radio stations who are backed by that marxist terror organization LaRaza scream to all their legions of illegal alien listeners

Can you not lift your eyes one inch above yourself?

The Creator gave US this planet. Some rich f%^ktards drew lines all over it, claimed they own the whole thing and the rest of us have to pay rent.
Every other creature that was placed on this planet is permitted to go find a cave and scratch about for berries. Only the humans are REQUIRED to engage in the circulation of fiat currency to survive. I am with this guy on MOST of what he says, and if wants to use currency he can, as long as I can trade with whatever I wish to use.
For people who claim to understand the Fed, not many people understand how every time you spend a dollar YOU keep their game afloat. This guy quit spending their dollars, and I am trying to get there as fast as I can. It is the correct action, along with total debt cancellation. Think long and hard about what total debt FORGIVENESS - yes, you have to get over yourself and FORGIVE people - what would that do to a debt-based Ponzi scheme....?
Oh, never mind, you have people to feel superior to, no time to think about what might be a LOVING way to end the Fed. Just forgive them right into non-existence.
I bet more people here would forgive Lloyd Blankfein than their neighbor.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Thanks for posting. Juan

Thanks for posting. Juan Alcala seems to have a good head on his shoulders. Give this guy a radio talk show or something. I just wanted to bump this because he deserves more views.