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Judge Napolitano & Ron Paul Back-to-Back on the Trey Ware Morning Show in San Antonio

What a treat for San Antonians earlier this week! Too bad I missed it. Trey Ware, a local news talk host, had Judge Napolitano and Ron Paul on back-to-back! Send your thanks to Trey!

Here's the audio:

Judge Andrew Napolitano Audio from Trey Ware Morning Show

Ron Paul Audio from Trey Ware Morning Show

The Judge brought up a great point...go figure! Rick Perry should be challenged for allowing this to happen in Texas. I live in San Antonio, and I know for a fact it's happening.

No Refusal: Forced Blood Draws Become Common Practice

Random Drivers License & Insurance Checkpoints Looming

Lawmakers & Police Call for Sobriety Checkpoints

The Judge also cites the case Schmerber v. California as the precedent for fighting cases of forced blood draw in case you're a victim. I plan to educate the officers if this ever happens to me so that there is no way they can claim ignorance.

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I missed it.

I live in San Antonio as well. Thanks for the audio.