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$1,000,000 per week

That is what Herman Cain is doing these days per his campaign staff.


I think Paul should throw a new counter on his site and zero it out every week with the intent to get to one million each week. Supplement that with another $8-10 million in money bombs and he should have a $20,000,000 quarter. And that is really where he needs to be this quarter. He brought in $18,000,000 in Q4 2007, so $20M should be a minimum.

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one does not just collect

one does not just collect donations

Please elaborate. What are

Please elaborate. What are you getting at?


people aren't just going to

people aren't just going to donate because they see a ticker, $1 mill a week is bound to disappoint, and will only take away from the moneybombs, if not destroy them all together. I have a finite amount of money I can donate to Ron Paul, regardless of when or how it is requested. Me and most people aren't going to donate more just because a ticker is present, most Paul donors do not have a lot of money. Ron Paul 2012.

moneybombs are on their way

moneybombs are on their way out anyway. The more you have of something, the less valuable it becomes. (Think Federal Reserve Notes.) That is why I think transistioning to an ongoing schedule might help.