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2 things I can't stand about RP

1. He does not strike with a big meat hook when taking on neocons who argue with him. All he needs to do is say "The troops have supported me and my positions more than all the other candidates combined" and it would discredit anything out of the mouth of the supposed "troop loving" neocons. He repeats talking points about his foreign policy, why not make troop support one of those regular points? We should hear about this fact as much as we hear the words 9-9-9 out of Cain's mouth.

2. Why does he not go after the MSM when they act like they have been covering him? There are all sorts of major studies done that show IN FACT that they have not given him a fair amount of time. It's easy to prove, so why doesn't he do it? Instead, he minces words and looks uncomfortable.

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Is that it?

1. I wish he would learn to fully end a sentence before starting the next one. I know he feels time constrained on his message but what good is it if you can't fully understand what point he is trying to make. He had plenty of time in the Baier interview but he acted hurried like it was a debate.

2. Stop saying that his support is from young people. Your average conservative voter does not find it to be an asset that his support comes from ignorant young people. There are plenty of us older folks who support Dr. Paul.

3. Stop making comments that sound conspiratorial like the "fence keeping us in" remark. He had a good arguement going when he pointed out that the fence is no good for stopping the illegals but the end of entitlements for illegals would do the job better. Now that is lost on the former remark.

Stating that your positions

Stating that your positions receive the most donations from the military is not belittling your opponents or even pumping himself up, it is defending the voice of those who have supported you.

I was pleased to see RP mention the military contributions on the Nevada news interview yesterday, and he did it brilliantly. Why doesn't he continue this message on major broadcasts?

he said number 1 in 2008

rather bluntly exactly as you wanted him to say it; McCain said "blah oh the numbers can be projected and read in different ways" basically a bullshit answer.

he needs to reassert it.

Not enough Mud?

or, "Gee, if Ron Paul were only more like Jerry Springer?"

Have you noticed how the other candidates react to him? People SINCERELY like him, they TRUST him, they have every reason to trust him, even if they sincerely don't agree with his stand on issues.

Ron Paul is a LEADER, FOLLOW HIS EXAMPLE, join the GOP and practice not defending yourself with passion, but with common sense and only when attacked. Never stoop to attack or offend, not even if it feels good, but it's not right.

The secret to Ron Paul's energy is he controls his being, he doesn't waste fuel on the negetive, foul, ugly... he's reserved. I hope you can learn to appreciate what it is to be a gentleperson, a mench, a all round good guy.

We are so blessed to have Ron Paul, just as he is.

I agree on #1

He should look at krout and the idiot on the right of him and say, do YOU know who gets more military donations than ALL the US presidential candidates on Earth combined?

Then he should say - "look that up and get back to me". "If my military approach is not wise, then you're indicting our military men and women and I know better than to think their foolish with their hard earned money!"

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It bothers me sometimes too, BUT!

and this is crucial to understanding Ron Paul's success.

It's not about him. Never has been. His ego is not locked up in the message. The message is greater than him, and so he puts himself in a backseat and lets the message do the talking, instead of everyone making an issue of his personal life or statements.

The man's humility and meekness is his greatest strength. And that's why he is head and shoulders above all the other drama-queen candidates who screech and use theatrical histrionics to get their points across.

You know, there was a man 2000 years ago who did the same thing, and his words are still remembered today.....

Conscience does not exist if not exercised

"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up!
---Lily Tomlin

He's got too much class for that

Ron Paul isn't in-your-face confrontational (although the clip from 1988 that the Judge posted on Facebook yesterday is pretty hilarious). He is classy, allows his opponents to trip themselves up and beats them with facts and humility. It may not be the best 'brute force' argument approach, but I think it is a tactic that strikes a cord with people that are paying attention. Unfortunately, a majority still does not pay attention.

because if he acted like an arse

all those appearances and interviews would dry up faster then a plum in the sahara.

really. i can't take the time to educate you.

but it's human nature. an unpopular non-mainstream message shouted across the roof tops by an angry little man doesn't play well, and he would be cease to exist in the media.

not to mention

that's not who he is.

and think about it this way.

when one of the nicest guys on the planet, says "limbaugh, hannity, levin are statists"

it's like an atom bomb.


i think this topic is out of order.

"The troops have supported me

"The troops have supported me and my positions more than all the other candidates combined"

He doesn't do those things because

he is staying on message like he should. Doing that would only provide a distraction to his message. Go Dr. Paul! Keep educating.

There are plenty of things

There are plenty of things about him that bother me, but he is a good person and he facilitates the attainment of the most important goal. To that end he is a justifiable means.

again.. guy has stayed relevant for 30 years

while people shared similar ideas as him all faded in and out of stage.. it's not rare for people to hold similar beliefs, but he managed to convince so many. i would presume he knows what he's doing. i like how people keep thinking they know better. rest of the republicans hold 100% total disagreement with him on foreign policy. that's one of the main reasons for the exclusion. he was smart to go after the core reason and debate gentlemanly. i'm glad he didn't take a page from you. how old are you guys, seriously. take it outside with your friends. this is politics. adult's arena.

"i'm glad he didn't take a

"i'm glad he didn't take a page from you. how old are you guys, seriously. take it outside with your friends. this is politics. adult's arena."

I guess you'd prefer he'd take a page from your playbook instead: diminish, discredit, and disparage those you disagree with.

re: point #2

People often say he needs to expand his base and name recognition. Plus, a lot of folks aren't paying attention until the elections get closer. That means that a lot of people may be hearing his message for the first time. It serves him better to use that time talking about his positions and to avoid coming across like he's trying to prove that he is relevant and has been ignored. It would make his supporters feel great to watch him give them he'll for it, but he already has our vote.

We don't want him to across like Mitt Perry, do we?

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I think thats where he's headed

It's so painful to watch opportunities get missed. I'm sure Ron Paul has gotten the message by now. If you saw the FOX interview today, he knows how important January is, and how close it is. I look forward to the foreign policy debate November 12th.

We need to make sure that the

We need to make sure that the campaign is aware that the voice of the troops must be heard at the next debate.

You thought these comments up

You thought these comments up while watching the his latest fox appearance, didn't you? Because I was thinking along similar lines while watching it, especially when they were going on about all of his fox news appearances.

LOL You are half right.

LOL You are half right. I've been screaming at Paul every time he is on TV and especially at the debates to bring the troops up, but this last FOX interview was the icing on the cake.


still voting for him, though, right? I don't agree with Ron Paul 100%; I think it's impossible to agree with any one person 100% of the time--we are all individuals, after all. He's still getting my vote. I think his Restore America plan is exactly what is needed to turn this country around. I believe that Dr. Paul can "fix what ails us". :)

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There is no question that he

There is no question that he will be my man. To respond to a previous comment, I do appreciate that Paul does not toot his own horn, but I would like him to stand up for the troops who have supported him with their donations. I believe they did so in order to make a statement. He doesn't necessarily need to point out that they agree with him, but that they agree with the foreign policy he advocates. I see this as defending his supporters.

Old School

Ron Paul is old school, its that simple.

It is not honorable to blow your own horn.
Meekness is not weakness
Leadership requires setting the example, not dictating the outcome.

We are used to poor leadership in our culture today. A lot of people here are too young to to have had the luxury of working for an old school boss. Back in the day a man who ran a business was held to the highest standards. Those who prospered were exceptional men with exceptional character and etiquette was mandatory. Ron is cut from that bolt of cloth, he is old school leadership.

My first boss shook the hand of a man who fought under Sherman in his march, I shook his hand. He was old school, a man of the highest moral character. Ron Paul reminds of him.

It is OUR job to attack the opposition, Ron is working at a higher level. Notice how he smiles any time his supporters are ever mentioned. Notice how he says he only gets aggressive when his supporters are attacked......think about it. He will defend US when we attack them.......

You are right on all counts.

You are right on all counts. Nice post.

As for the first point

Hasn't he mentioned his military donations a few times during debates? I could've sworn he did at least once or twice.

But yeah, I wonder why he doesn't mention it more often. Surely he knows that Americans can't grasp a simple fact until it's repeated to them hundreds of times. ;)

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Yes, he has said it once or

Yes, he has said it once or twice but it was very early in the race. Now, after the third quarter, he can lump Obama support in with all the others and he still has more than all combined. I used the title for this topic more for shock value than anything else. These are, of course, positive things, I just wish his campaign would push them more.

the 2 things I can't stand about RP

1. I did not discover him MUCH sooner.

2. he is not president, yet!


I hate politicians but Dr.Paul is a real patriot.

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Constructive criticism?

Your comments are reasonable, but: 1. Support from military is definitely a mantra. Not sure what you are basing this observation on. 2. Dr. Paul is not a whiner.

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