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A conversation about Ron Paul

It used to be hard for me to talk to people intelligently about Ron Paul.

My brother woke me up to Ron Paul, We woke up are entire family. I am waking up my friends and people in the Bar and coffee shops.

One day while handing out Ron Paul info cards I got a conversation with an apathetic guy about voting. I was telling this guy how in 1913 the government created Federal Reserve and in 1971 we left the Gold Standard and went into what we call a "FIAT" Currency. After briefly explaining FIAT is "counterfieting."
He said but Ron Paul can't win office, he will never be president. He will never get elected. "haha"

So very politely and with a smile I asked "Do believe in what he says?" Do believe in freedom, do you believe that these bailouts our bad? Do you believe that we should be killing people without a trial?

He said Yes I believe Ron Paul is right and telling the truth. Than I said "Yeah me too. I too believe that Ron Paul will never get elected if you and the rest of the million people don't do something about it."

"You said you believed Ron Paul is right and will follow through. therefore by not voting for him guarantees your just as counterfeit as our so called money. and yet I would rather be a loser who is golden than winner who is counterfeit.

All I want from this conversation is to give hope that whether we win, lose or draw we will at least get to have a say (our voice) in what we believe."

The Short end and the result of the conversation was He took my cards and said thank you, I will vote for Ron Paul.

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Well, asking them questions

Well, asking them questions is a very good technique. I think Ron should do more of that when he is interviewed. I truly do.


great metaphor.

Chip, chip, chip.

You all give me hope!


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Good, don't give up on anyone, just keep

hitting them with logic, principle, and truth.

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. . . with that good-natured twinkly smile that

Ron Paul has!

Logic and the loving persistence make a mighty combination.
Thanks for the post, Judd!

thank you for sharing!